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Access Your Own Answers, Gain Clarity From Within And Turn Up The Volume Of Your Inner Guidance 

Embodiment + Intuition Coaching

90-minute sessions connecting you to your deep knowing, inner peace and the experience of your body as a wise and sacred vessel.

Sessions include breath work, guided meditation, mindfulness prompts, body, and spirit-centered inquiry, and coaching so you can apply what you learn to your daily life. As a bonus, you receive Session Summary Notes: written reflections highlighting your wise quotables and steps for integration.

Single Sessions are great introductory experiences as well as occasional tune-ups helping you stay connected to your inner guidance as you move through life's inevitable changes, challenges, and upgrades.

How do you know you need a journey?

You’re looking outward for guidance, and you feel confused. Your thoughts keep moving and it is hard to get focused. You have fallen out of your wellness habits. You feel stuck. You’re in the fire of a life transition and you need some grounding. You’re ready to embrace a physical issue or health condition and you want to get to the emotional and energetic pattern. You want to deepen your self-intimacy, develop centering practices and expand your intuition.

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Soma Lotus Flower

Soma means “nectar or juice from a plant”

Somatic Mandala


Somatic means “the living body in its wholeness”

Wisdom Journey Buddha

Wisdom Journeys

Somatic Wisdom Journeys bring you to your nectar, wisdom, and essence

Get Ready To: 

- Receive answers to that pesky question 

- Have a conversation with your body (womb, heart, head, and more) and identify your true needs and desires

- Identify your anxiety triggers

- Self-regulate and understand your body cues 

- Reconnect with your breath and gain perspective

- Move from confusion to clarity 

- Befriend and trust your body

- Increase your courage, confidence, and personal power

- Learn practices you can apply every day to improve your quality of life

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 “Working with Jocelyn has been an amazing experience.  She holds a safe, trusting, insightful space.  She facilitates with huge clarity and reflection. Her support is invaluable. She is a modern-day wise woman who listens with a deep presence. She has supported me in a very transformational time in my life, I'm so grateful. With her support, I have been able to drop deeper into self-trust of my own gifts and sense of empowerment. Jocelyn is extremely professional and organized during and in between the sessions. I highly recommend working with her.” 

Sarah, Herbalist & Entrepreneur

“โ€‹โ€‹Jocelyn's Somatic Wisdom sessions guided me to immediately dive into profound conversations with different parts of myself, which helped me have the courage and the consistent strength to make important changes in my life. One of the things I loved most about these sessions is that post-session, Jocelyn would send a thoughtfully written one-page summary, drawing upon powerful words that she and I had used during the session. These summaries were crucial for me to refer back to throughout the rest of the week until our next session, to keep my goals and values as clear as possible."

UK, Geriatric Psychiatrist

Single Session




Three Session Bundle


(SAVE $50)


Deep Transformation Support (8 Sessions)


(SAVE $200)

โ€‹โ€‹Do you remember the last time you felt deeply seen, held, and witnessed? I’m sure that changed everything for you. It is time, and I am here for you.
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