Befriend Your Body, Trust Life Again & Live Aligned With Your Internal Guidance System

Somatic Wisdom Journeys

Gain clarity! Somatic Wisdom Journeys are profoundly impactful 90-minute sessions (via Zoom) that help you stay connected to your inner knowing as you move through life's inevitable changes, challenges, and upgrades. Receive immediate access to your intuition and gain powerful and practical insight that can be applied to your daily life and relationships.  
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Private Retreats

Take time for yourself! Schedule your personalized Weekend Somatic Wisdom & Radical Self-Care Retreat in the beautiful seaside community of Palm Coast, FL. These made-for-you journeys provide transformative healing experiences that create long-term results from the inside out. Retreats are powerful seasonal immersions or the perfect complement to my online Conscious Conception offerings.
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Movement, Meditation & Motherhood

Enjoy heart-opening, womb-centered journeys honoring the feminine and the sacred path of motherhood.

Experience breathwork, dance and ceremonial self-care providing sensual and centering practices that help clear and revitalize energy.

Reconnect with your body in new and intuitive ways as you experience the elevating energy of being in a circle of women.

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Sex, Spirit & Spin

A four-day movement medicine immersion featuring transformative breathwork practices, cacao meditation, hoop dance and embodiment workshops, Wild Feminine circles, and delicious plant-based meals.

Attend to the physical placement and energetic alignment of your pelvic bowl and discover ways to experience more delight, pleasure and joy in your everyday life. Experience freeform and guided movement aligning you with your internal flow and creativity. Allow Nature to help calm your mind and regulate your nervous system.

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“Working with Jocelyn has been an amazing experience.  She holds a safe, trusting, insightful space.  She facilitates with huge clarity and reflection. Her support is invaluable. She is a modern-day wise woman who listens with a deep presence. She has supported me in a very transformational time in my life, I'm so grateful. With her support, I have been able to drop deeper into self-trust of my own gifts and sense of empowerment. Jocelyn is extremely professional and organized during and in between the sessions. I highly recommend working with her."

Sarah, Herbalist & Entrepreneur

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