So many people are looking for guidance and revelation “out there” through media, ministers, gurus, and experts. 

However, what if your true power wasn’t outside of you - out there in the ethers and in the ideas of others? What if your true power resides within your body and with your connection to the Earth (Pachamama), the ancestral wisdom of your mother line (MaMa), and the Divine?

Our paths have aligned because you are ready to do life differently. You have completed cycles of looking outward for validation, accepting mediators and intercessors as your only way to Source and Spirit, denying your body, and running away from your spiritual and sacred gifts.

You are here because ...

It is time to reclaim your treasures (and your boundaries!)

It is time to live aligned with your inner wisdom and values

It is time to embrace your powers of creation

As your Somatic Wisdom Guide & Conscious Conception Coach, I help you Trust Yourself, develop your intuition, understand your body’s signs and signals (including your authentic Yes and No), and navigate life from your internal compass (which is connected to the Divine!). With just a few sessions, you will remember who you are, why you’re here, and how to be who you were born to be.

Dr. Uyen-Khanh

M.D, Geriatric Psychiatrist

“As a practicing psychiatrist with training in multiple psychotherapy modalities, and being the recipient of multiple therapeutic modalities, I feel SO fortunate to have worked with Jocelyn, who is just an exceptional woman and incredibly skilled healer."

Kate Norththrop

Bestselling author of Do Less

"Jocelyn doesn’t have to do anything other than show up and her presence makes space for transformation. She calls in a frequency that elevates anyone who comes into contact with her. I felt totally safe to speak vulnerabilities but also called to the highest version of myself in her presence."

Tracee Stanley

Bestselling Author Radiant Rest

“Jocelyn Gordon weaves the stories of wounds, the lineage of mothers, nature, and healing that leads us inward towards a path to explore our own stories and to reclaim our power. "


Is What You Crave

Disconnection is the real pandemic. It's that feeling of aloneness, isolation, and “other” that keeps you quiet, hidden, wrapped up in shame, and thinking that something is wrong with you. When you reconnect with your body, heart, and spirit, you return to your aliveness and purpose.


Is What You Need 

There are multiple demands on your time and energy. However, when rebirthing yourself and connecting with the energy wishing to be born through you (a baby, book, or new life chapter!), you require Space. Space is the primary element required for conscious creation.


Is What You Seek

Chaos, indecision, overwhelm and worry cloud your ability to orient to what is real. More than anything, you desire calm of mind, peace in spirit and alignment to your highest destiny path. Clarity guides you to your next steps and provides you with the confidence to live your authentic truth.

Conscious Conception

I Am Nurturing My Creative Potential

Disconnect from your massive to-do list, declutter your life, and plug into your innate ability to create life whether that be a baby, book or new life chapter. Conscious Conception Coaching helps you make space in your home, body and heart so you can elevate your health and consciousness and align with the life you were meant to live. 

Choose from two pathways: Make Space For Baby (preconception preparation) or Make Space For Life (consciousness elevation and support as you enter a new chapter in life, like, starting a new business, moving, ending a relationship, or reclaiming your spiritual gifts).

Learn how to communicate with the energy wishing to be born through you and create the optimum environment for bringing this energy into the world.

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“As a practicing psychiatrist with training in multiple psychotherapy modalities, and being the recipient of multiple therapeutic modalities, I feel SO fortunate to have worked with Jocelyn, who is just an exceptional woman and incredibly skilled healer. I came to Jocelyn with 4.5 years of unsuccessful IVF and 2-3 years of infertility prior to that, and wanted to work on overhauling my long-held patterns of overwork and needing external validation in order to cultivate a viable, healthy, nurturing home for a baby.

Sessions with Jocelyn guided me to immediately dive into profound conversations with different parts of myself, which helped me have the courage and the consistent strength to make important changes in my life. I am beyond thrilled to say that during my time working with Jocelyn, what feels like a miracle actually happened: I became pregnant!” 

Dr. Uyen-Khanh, Geriatric Psychiatrist

Embodiment & Intuition

I Am Seeking Connection & Guidance

Tune out the noise of the news, social media, and those pesky, unhealthy thought forms that dim your light and hold you back. Somatic Wisdom Journeys are designed to help you reclaim your confidence, your body, and your intuition as your greatest and treasured resources.

Learn how to access your own answers, gain clarity from within, and turn up the volume of your inner guidance. Sessions are perfect for when you need to make an important decision, you want to disrupt a pattern of thinking or being, or your thoughts keep moving and it is hard to get grounded and focused.

Learn how to access your own answers, gain clarity from within, and turn up the volume of your inner guidance.

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“Working with Jocelyn has been an amazing experience.  She holds a safe, trusting, insightful space.  She facilitates with huge clarity and reflection. Her support is invaluable. She is a modern-day wise woman who listens with a deep presence. She has supported me in a very transformational time in my life, I'm so grateful. With her support, I have been able to drop deeper into self-trust of my own gifts and sense of empowerment. Jocelyn is extremely professional and organized during and in between the sessions. I highly recommend working with her.”

Sarah, Herbalist and Entrepreneur

Business & Mentorship

I Am Ready To Step Into Embodied Leadership

End the hours for dollars exchange and face the fears, perceived blocks and disruptive beliefs that have kept you from bringing your portfolio of healing forward. Create Your Course is a three-month one-to-one coaching immersion providing you with step-by-step tools and actionables so you can birth your signature, self-paced program that helps people around the world and earns money around the clock.

The Apprenticeship is an extraordinary six-month mentorship program teaches you how to create your own healing school and shares the wisdom I gained when developing HoopYogini, the holistic fitness practice and teacher training I created in 2010. This is your opportunity to receive expert guidance, avoid pitfalls and advance your programs (and income!) at a rapid pace.

Learn how to organize your natural gifts into signature programs and a profitable business plan. 

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Being supported 1:1 and having someone believe in me was the most stand-out experience for me. It would have taken me years, if ever, to gain the knowledge and insight Create Your Course offered. I want everybody to quit their job, go online with their passions, and make money living their dream.”

Shannon Bird 

Trainings & Certification

I Am Ready to Hold Space For Others

It is time for you to find your teaching voice and to support others in their transformation. Trainings are empowerment journeys guiding you to establish yourself - to create space in mind, home and life for daily practices that take you to your core and root you to your center so you can guide others to do the same.

The 200hr HoopYogini Online Yoga Teacher Training is a doctor-approved lifestyle and leadership training certifying you to teach still and moving meditations featuring the hula hoop as your new favorite yoga prop.

The Inner Circle Facilitator Training takes hoop consciousness to a new level and helps you develop your personal growth facilitation skills with teachings from the medicine wheel. 

Learn trusted and proven systems for safely and bravely guiding people into embodied awareness and cathartic experience.

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"I believe paths cross for a reason, 1000%. I believe you and HoopYogini played a huge part in this transformation. Last night in session, my psychiatrist said she thinks I've made more progress in the past two weeks than in the past 17 years she's been seeing me. I look forward to learning from you further. A million thank you’s. You are helping me slay the dragon."

Bailey Zemborrow - Trauma Informed Therapist, HoopYogini Certified Instructor

Events & Retreats 

I Am Ready To Do The Work With Other Dear Hearts

You are not alone. Group experiences take you out of your personal bubble of pressure and problems and bring you into a community of possibility. Hear the stories of others and share your own truth as you remember who you are whilst celebrating others in their own awareness. These inspired journeys get you out of your comfort zone (in a good and brave way!), bring you into your heart, and provide life-changing moments along with delightful memories. 

Learn how to live intentionally as you return to the circle of relationship.

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“Thank you for creating space for all of us to come together and experience such powerful moments. I felt supported, cared for, valued, safe and found deep peace within that transformed into a greater trust in God and in myself. I feel that this helped me turn the page and close a painful chapter in my life. But, also allowed me to have an optimistic view on the future and excitement for the possibilities in this new chapter ahead. This retreat gave me this new perspective through the amazing experiences. I learned so much. I hold you dearly in my heart. This was truly a transformative experience and I’m truly grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to experience this through your leadership. Thank you, Jocelyn.”

Grace, Mother & ASL Interpreter, U.S.A.

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