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Pelvic Empowerment, Radical Self-Care & Connection To The Great Mother 
An Eight Week Online Group Retreat From Winter Solstice to Valentine’s Day
Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - Sunday, February 13, 2022

 Winter is a time for drawing inward, rejuvenating internal resources, sitting by the sacred fire sharing story and tending to what truly matters.

The invitation of winter is to re-enter the womb (hibernation sanctuary) and to become reacquainted with darkness as a primordial and necessary container providing rest and connection with the source of creation. 

The gift of winter is to re-emerge in spring, born again and full of potential. Having shed old skin, you are now in deeper connection with your sacred purpose and vision for the seasons ahead.

As modern people, we have been disconnected from the old ways of alignment with the seasons, intergenerational wisdom sharing, and the women’s natural way of retreating into her sacred darkness every month.

 We’ve been taught to be afraid of the dark.


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Root Work Radical Lotus Flower

The prefix “rad” means “of the root”. Times of intensity and uncertainty require grounding into the body and alignment with what truly matters. Get into your root body - your pelvis, sacrum, and core - and your heart so you can radically claim space for yourself and that which you truly love. Feel rooted to your purpose and feminine power.



Be sensational! Experience your body as a wild, wise and holy vessel meant to delight in this life. If you’ve been doing just enough inner work and self-care to keep things chugging, you’re missing out on deeper levels of pleasure and connection. In Root Work, you will discover how your body delights in your attention and affection.




It is easy to feel isolated and alone during intense times and when you haven’t been fully supported on your healing journey. Remember, you are the dream of your ancestors and there is a team, seen and unseen rooting for you! Create space to connect with your allies and well ancestors through “real talk," cellular communication and spiritual connection.

Nurture yourself in new and deepened ways:

- Develop a self-care toolkit that includes breast, belly, and womb massage*, cervical palpation, pelvic steaming*, guided meditations, and visionary journeys

- Learn breathwork and visualization techniques that restore and revitalize your creative feminine energy

- Receive guidance on practices that boost fertility, soothe menstrual discomfort and nurture hormonal balance

- Experience embodied connection to the heart womb, Earth and Great Mother

*Root Work is open to pregnant, menstruating, perimenopausal, and women past their bleeding years. Some practices are contraindicated during pregnancy or for those with IUDs

Winter Group Dates 

Starting Tuesday, December 21, 2021 and completing on Sunday, February 13, 2022, this eight-week womb reclamation and self-care immersion is facilitated via a weekly live Embodiment & Self-Care Workshop on Tuesdays with Jocelyn Gordon and occasional guest experts, plus a Wisdom Sharing Circle every other Sunday starting at Week 2.

Every week you will receive a self-care practice along with journal prompts and tips for creating and tending to your altar - your inner and outer sacred space. 

Weekly Workshops are on Tuesdays from 8:00 PM EST - 9:30 PM EST

Tuesday Dates: 12/21/21, 12/28/21, 1/4/22, 1/11/22, 1/18/22, 1/25/22, 2/1/22, 2/8/22

Wisdom Sharing Circles are every other Sunday starting at week 2 / 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EST

Sunday Dates: 1/2, 1/16, 1/30, 2/13


Weekly Themes

Week One / Safety: Pelvic Awareness & Connecting With Your Grounding Cord

Week Two / Beauty: The Breasts & Activating Your Heart Bridge

Week Three / Right Relationship: The Cervix & Your Inner Gatekeeper 

Week Four / Release: Blood Stories & Shedding Your Skin

Week Five / Creativity: The Womb and Your Creative Palace

Week Six / Harmony: The Inner Yin Yang & Your Ovarian Fire

Week Seven / Nurture: Yoni Hygiene & Tending Your Sacred Space 

Week Eight / Integrating Your Remembrance

This immersion is for a maximum of 20 participants.

Workshops will be recorded and links will be shared. Wisdom Sharing Sessions may not be shared in consideration of the privacy of participants.


Jocelyn and clients celebrating
Root Work Is Your Invitation To:

⁃ Journey inward and explore the sacred temple of your womb 

⁃ Connect with your heart fire and commune with The Great Mother energy and source of creation

⁃ Share wisdom with your ancestors and other women on a similar path of wholeness

⁃ Get acquainted with your pelvic floor anatomy and feminine power

⁃ Release long-held tension

⁃ Make investments in your pleasure and joy

⁃ Improve your posture and body awareness 

⁃ Feel more resourced, nourished, grounded and centered in the body

⁃ Reclaim guidance you wish you had received as young women and that which you desire to pass on to your daughters of body and spirit

Loving space will be held for the fears, experiences, and disappointments that may be present from the past created by birth loss, abortion, fertility challenges, abuse, and violations that may have disconnected you from your womb and feminine vitality.

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“Jocelyn Gordon weaves the stories of wounds, the lineage of mothers, nature, and healing that leads us inward towards a path to explore our own stories and reclaim our power."

Tracee Stanley - Bestselling Author Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity and Empowered Life Self-Inquiry Oracle and Founder Empowered Life Circle



"Participating in Jocelyn's workshop was a quick and powerful experience. I joke that it was like doing a year of therapy in an hour but it was true. I have been to many workshops for education and spirituality in my 20-year self-discovery journey, but I still find that it's rare and highly valuable to find someone who knows how to create the feeling that one is "peeling back the layers to your true/inner self" as you go through the workshop journey so effectively and time sensitively."

Ekene Botofasina, Songstress, Education Specialist

One Payment Option


An 8-Week Sensual Self-Care Immersion


Two Payment Option


Your Experience Made Accessible w/ 2 Payments


VIP Payment Option


Includes One Private 90-Min Somatic Wisdom Journey

Connection is what you crave.
Whenever you are feeling connected, you are moving closer to the Divine.