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Channel Your Divine Message And Organize Your Wisdom Into A Profitable Online Course

A three-month one-to-one coaching immersion for the committed woman+ ready to create, publish and sell her course - a FINISHED PRODUCT - within 12 weeks. 

Receive daily and weekly action steps that help you address and identify your niche and ideal customer, gold mine your foundational course, build out the membership site and sell your program through list building. 

You will also receive guidance on affiliate marketing via collaborations with colleagues. Mindset resets address fears and resources you to believe in yourself, your offer, and its transformative promise.

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Create Your Course Synthesize Mandala

You’re a multi-disciplinary healer. Synthesize your knowledge into a viable product that meets the needs of a specific, targeted audience, exceeds their expectations and changes lives. 

Create Your Course Nurture Lotus Flower

You need time for self-care, nurturance of family, and pursuit of soul-aligned goals. Exit the hour for dollars scheme, reclaim your time autonomy and invest in yourself.

Create Your Course Generate Spirals

Don’t be tied to only doing in-person work and sessions. Realize your potential to earn money around the clock as you supplement your current income and create a new revenue stream. 

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Get Ready To:

- Research, identify and understand your ideal target market (the people you serve)

- Transform your wisdom into a structure that your students can easily access, understand and integrate 

- Receive one-to-one guidance and step-by-step actionables 

- Build your email list and grow your network 

- Partner with other businesses to help sell your course (affiliate marketing) 

- Overcome fears 

- Learn how to show up and maintain consistency throughout the growth and birth of your stellar online course 

- Grow your confidence with content creation

This High Accountability Program Includes: 

- 3x monthly 90 min live coaching and strategy sessions

- Two 60 min ceremonies including: Opening The Field and Program Blessing

- Session Summary Notes (you will absolutely LOVE these reflection notes highlighting your great ideas and steps for integration) 

- Homeplay and Inspired Action Steps 

- Unlimited email communication, text and audio coaching via Telegram 

- Session Recordings  

Plus These Bonuses:

- Supportive self-care media

- Free 30 day trial to Kajabi, the best all-in-one business platform for creating and scaling your knowledge business

- A Brand Strategy Session with my personal branding consultant*

- A special gift mailed directly to you 

*Website design and branding not included.

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“There are many layers to Create Your Course, it is a whole mind and body approach to economic independence. As someone who is an experienced teacher, I have concepts, thoughts and lesson plans down. All those other more business things, I was lacking. Create Your Course made it all achievable and helped me begin to understand the importance behind marketing.” 

Nicole Stevenson

“Being supported 1:1 and having someone (you) believe in me was the most stand-out experience for me. It would have taken me years, if ever, to gain the knowledge and insight Create Your Course offered. I want everybody to quit their job, go online with their passions, and make money living their dream.”

Shannon Bird 

Be supported and held as you birth your new course! The investment for this sacred container begins at


The skills and confidence you receive will last a lifetime. Schedule a free 20 min Alignment Session to see if youโ€™re ready for Create Your Course.

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