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What is Conscious Conception? 

Conscious Conception is a holistic path of preparing your body, mind and spirit, lifestyle, home and relations for the miracles of pregnancy and childbirth, along with the responsibilities of parenting and householding. 

Conscious Conception also invites you into communication with the energy wishing to be born through so you can collaborate with this energy and create a most welcoming environment for their arrival.

A Conscious Conception journey may address the following:
  • Fertility challenges and delays
  • Stressors related to trying to conceive 
  • Confusion about whether or not you want to parent or bring a child into the world
  • Generational patterns of pain and dis-ease
  • Disconnection from the sexual, spiritual and energetic components of procreation and co-creation  

Begin (or deepen) your Conscious Conception journey

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Conscious Conception embraces that the children we dream today—the future leaders, activists, parents and Earth stewards of tomorrow—are influenced by our current choices. This ranges from food to partners, from thoughts to environment, and beyond. We are empowered now to nourish seeds for their longevity, health, harmony and clarity of purpose.

My life was blessed in 2001 with a surprise baby, my first love, and great spiritual teacher, Jordan Sadie. When Jordan was five, I started to feel and collaborate with the energy now known as Sienna. Ten-years later, and after a beautiful year-long fertility nurturing journey with her father, Sienna arrived Earth-side. Despite being almost 41, and navigating a journey with endometriosis, her conception, pregnancy, and birth were full of ease and joy.

Birthing Bliss invites you into the energy of this sacred journey so you can be empowered, elevated, and inspired on your path to sacred parenthood.

Dr. UK
Geriatric Psychiatrist

I came to Jocelyn with 4.5 years of unsuccessful IVF and 2-3 years of infertility prior to that and wanted to work on overhauling my long-held patterns of overwork and needing external validation in order to cultivate a viable, healthy, nurturing home for a baby.

Sessions with Jocelyn guided me to immediately dive into profound conversations with different parts of myself, which helped me have the courage and the consistent strength to make important changes in my life. I am beyond thrilled to say that during my time working with Jocelyn, what feels like a miracle actually happened: I became pregnant!

Raising a healthy child—spiritually and physically—begins before their first genes are created

A Conscious Conception journey invites you into the process of birthing bliss in your life, the lives of your children, and future generations

Conscious Conception embraces that the children we dream today—our ancestors and the future leaders, activists, parents and Earth stewards of tomorrow—are influenced by our current choices.

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A Conscious Conception Immersion

Preconception Preparation, Womb Reconnection & Generational Healing

In this eight-hour on-demand immersion, you will explore:

  • The history of Conscious Conception
  • How to know if you are ready for a Conscious Conception journey 
  • The science of epigenetics and why thoughtful parents prepare months to years before conception
  • Why we need more conscious people on the planet 
  • How to initiate a relationship with your womb (your creative center), and your baby - the energy wishing to be born through you
  • Nervous system regulation practices for reparenting yourself and training for the stressors of parenthood 

Conscious Conception & Preconception Traditions From Around The World

Jocelyn guides a class exploring
the spiritual, epigenetic, and ecological implications of Conscious Conception and Preconception Preparation.

Ibu Robin Lim, Midwife, Founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation) health clinics, which offer free prenatal care, birthing services, and medical aid in Indonesia and the Philippines, presents a class on “Preconception Traditions From Around The World"

Experience a guided meditation initiating your Conscious Conception journey.

Hormone Balance & Preparing Your Womb For Pregnancy

Jocelyn guides a class exploring your womb connection to your motherline, the remembrance of your creative power, and why you need to love your heart aches and heart breaks as you prepare for motherhood.

Nakia Morgan, Integrative Women’s Health Coach, specializing in plant medicines for hormone balance through the reproductive lifestyle, presents a class on  “Herbs & Hormone Balance”.

Experience a guided meditation connecting your Heart and Womb.

Ancestral Healing & Addressing The Roots of Trauma

Jocelyn guides a class exploring early trauma including relational trauma and the normalization of birth trauma, and how the science of epigenetics aligns with Seven Generations wisdom.

Dr. Kelley Holladay, a Florida-based Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Professor specializing in addiction, substance abuse, sexual violence, and trauma remediation, presents a class on “Unresolved Childhood Traumas & How They Become Triggers While You Parent”.

Experience nervous system regulation practices rooted in Polyvagal Theory that help to evoke safety and downgrade the physiological expressions of trauma.

Elevating Your Energy & Calling In An Ancient Wise Soul

Jocelyn guides a class exploring Golden Children, and raising your consciousness to activate your wisdom as you prepare to give birth to an Ancient Wise Soul.

Dianne “Mama Netsa” Hodges, Elder, Transformational Energy Guide, and Team Leader of the South Merrill Community Garden, an inter-generational safe space for South Shore Chicago residents, presents a class on Why We Need More Conscious People On The Planet”

Experience a powerful energy activation led by Mama Netsa.

Do your emotional and spiritual housekeeping so you can vibrate higher and call in more consciousness on the planet.

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What You Receive

  • Lifetime Access to eight hours of empowering, elevating, and educational content supporting your Conscious Conception journey
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing connection and healing
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What You Receive

  • 90-minute Conscious Conception Coaching Session with Jocelyn

  • Lifetime Access to eight hours of empowering, elevating, and educational content supporting your Conscious Conception journey

  • Private Facebook group for ongoing connection and healing

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Real Estate Agent

My time with Jocelyn was the perfect shift for me. I reached out to Jocelyn because I wanted to work through the process of conscious conception. Jocelyn helped me to find the sources of stress in my life, which helped me to slowly work towards finding more peace. We worked through many of my fears related to pregnancy and parenting. Our sessions helped me to connect back to myself and also helped me to connect to my partner so that we could make sure we were on the same page prior to trying for a baby. I am excited to say that I am expecting a baby boy this winter, and I have felt very calm and centered during my pregnancy. I am so thankful for my time with Jocelyn and grateful that Jocelyn was able to share her gifts with me. 

Nicole Stevenson
Waldorf Inspired Early Childhood Educator, HoopYogini™ Master Trainer

Being healthy mentally and physically is the foundation of building a healthy baby. Working with Jocelyn before pregnancy, set me up for success. She helped me to transform my life from one of disconnect and digestive problems to one of intention and purpose. Being healthy is a true lifestyle shift that is more likely going to happen with the proper coaching. Jocelyn was there for me offering support, tips, and guidance. I had a very good pregnancy with no complications and a healthy baby. In my postpartum journey Jocelyn helped connect me to body and spiritual work needed to step back into my body and energy. I'm very grateful for all that Jocelyn has done for me with the cleanse, yoni steam consultation, and overall life coaching.

Jocelyn Gordon is a Conscious Conception Coach and the creator of HoopYogini™. The mother of two daughters, Jocelyn conceived her first at age 26 and her second at age 41 whilst navigating endometriosis, painful periods, and a retroflexed uterus.

Jocelyn’s fertility work spans decades supporting women through preconception preparation, pregnancy, and peaceful birth. Her trainings and courses have helped hundreds of women around the world up-level their fertility, embodiment and leadership.

Jocelyn is currently writing, Make Space For Baby: A Preconception Guidebook For Preparing Heart, Home & Body For Sacred Parenthood.

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