Hello Beautiful

Yoga Journal calls me a “Yoga Rebel,” and yes, I would say that’s accurate.  I’m a self-proclaimed “Black Sheep” who graduated with honors, worked in fashion and music in NYC, traveled the world as a single mother and created two holistic fitness programs – one that integrates hula hooping with Hatha Yoga, and another one merging booty shaking with prayer.

My friends say I’m a powerful manifestor and over the years repeatedly remind me of the things I’ve said, desired and done (teaching Yoga, creating my own Yoga and Fitness modalities, living in/moving to Bali, manifesting my Divine Right Partner, calling in my Soul Children).

I Inspire And Bring Life To Things

If you’re like me, you’ve been asking these questions for a long time – Who am I?  Why am I here? What is my Sacred Mission? You’ve probably brought many great things to life and you know there is more to come through you – you haven’t yet reaching your big, maha vision.

Is this familiar:

  • You feel inspired however you’re lacking in focus and direction.  Perhaps you’re hovering in the “dream realms” and need a push and support to take things to the next level
  • You’re aware of stories that need to be rewritten or cleared – traumas or fears that keep you in a loop and aren’t serving you as you prepare to birth greatness
  • You occasionally feel disconnected and cut off from the support of the earth, other women and allies or even your own body and intuition

And what if you’ve received the high calling to be a mother …

  • You feel strongly pulsed to uplevel your health and self-care to prepare your vessel – body, mind and spirit – for this most epic initiation, yet you don’t know where to start

I’m here for you sister!

I’m here to help you connect with the essence of what is pulsing to come through you whether that be a human being, online course or dream project.

I’m here to help you love your body and disregard the voice inside that says “I can’t,” “There’s not enough time” and “I’m not good enough.”

I’m here to help you prioritize self-care, lead from your heart and fulfill your sacred mission.

I am here to help you Birth Your Best Life Into Being!

Allow me to be your Soul Doula, Self-Care and Empowerment Coach.  CLICK HERE FOR MY OFFERINGS.

xoxo, Jocelyn
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