Towards Certification – HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Spinal Awakening Series

Beautiful BEing, you did IT – you showed up, breathed deep, made connections and opened yourself to new possibilities!

Acknowledge yourself for all you learned and all you shared during the in-person experience of the HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Spinal Awakening Series.

Your presence made an impact and was needed in the supported circle of our training experience.

Thank you.

What’s next?

As you know, attending the in-person training was just the beginning.

You are currently in a space of developing a daily seated meditation and movement practice that will deepen your integration of the holistic components of HoopYogini™, as well as deepen your relationship with Self and Source.

From your dedicated personal practice, sincere self-inquiry and on-going study, you will become “influential” – in flow with your essence. Being in flow with your essence allows you to create a life of ease with healthy energetic boundaries, expansive possibilities, and deeply enriching relationships.

Being influential allows you to make a positive impact in your life and the lives of your students, thus affecting your home, your community and the planet.

So, like JC Penny’s reminds us – “It’s all inside.”

And, from the wisdom of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois – “Do your practice and all is coming.”

The Road to Certification

The following will guide you towards certification as a HoopYogini™ ~ Spinal Awakening Series.

I have identified that a minimum of seven weeks of post in-person training are required to be considered for certification.

Each Week:

  • Daily Seated Meditation practice – minimum of 15 minutes
  • Daily Journal Inquiries and recording of your insights, and blocks related to your meditations and HoopYogini™ explorations
  • Daily HoopYogini™ Spinal Awakening Series practice
  • Minimum of two HoopYogini™ ~ Alchemy & Flow practices as detailed in the training manual
  • Continuing integration and fulfillment of the explorations as per the Required Reading List & Resources page
  • Minimum of one hour of hatha yoga practice preferably with a live instructor, however, this hour can be fulfilled with a dvd or video

Week Two, the above plus:

  • Pick a date – three weeks ahead – and location to film your Spinal Awakening Series class. Invite a minimum of six people to participate. You’ll need at least three people for the class that you film.

Weeks Three & Four, the above plus:

  • Start to practice teach the Spinal Awakening Series to those outside of your in-person HoopYogini™Teacher Training experience such as your partner, friends and co-workers. Note: do not offer public classes; this is a practice teaching experience only for your inner circle.

Weeks Five & Six, the above plus:

  • Video yourself teaching the Spinal Awakening Series (SAS) as it is presented in your manual/shared in your in-person training (see below) to a group of 3 – 6 people. The video should be 20 minutes max and include all the moves in the SAS. Share the video with me via YouTube as a Private video (you can invite me to view via the email address or Unlisted (email me the URL to the video). Be sure to prop the camera behind your body so I can see the back of your body plus the front body of at least three practitioners.


HoopYogini™ ~ Spinal Awakening Series Sequence:
Centered Pose
Breathing Lifts (WITHOUT “Life is Awesome…”)
Side Arch Flow
Breathing Lifts WITH Life is Awesome! Oh, Yes it is.
Around the World
Centered Twists
Centered Pose
Life is Awesome! Oh, Yes it is.
Centered Pose to “hear” Gratitude
Inspired Twists to one side – lifting Gratitude
Centered Twists to Centered Pose for Mindfulness Meditation Moment to cultivate
Prayer, Wish or Intention
Inspired Twists to the other side – lifting Prayer, Wish or Intention
Centered Twists to Centered Pose for Mindfulness Meditation Moment
Closing with Dedication – “May your practice bring you peace and may you share this peace with the world. Namaste”
Sharing of your name, the HY SAS practice, benefits and thank you



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