You’re Registered! Guided Tele-Meditation & ThetaHealing® Journey for Helping Professionals

Beautiful One!

You’ve taken action – acknowledge yourself for investing in your restoration, release and renewal.

I look forward to supporting your clarity and ease.

Your call-in information: 1-567-314-6295

Passcode: 6699#

If for some reason you cannot make the call, you will receive a recording of the event.

Please note that your registration, provides consent to be recorded during each call.

Please feel free to contact me directly with your questions –

Thank you for your registration!


Preparing for your call:

  • Create a comfortable, upright seat for receiving the meditation prompts and downloads.
  • A chair will work or prop yourself on a meditation cushion, blankets or other props.
  • You can even sit in your car (pull over first!) or the edge of your bed.
  • Drink a couple of cups of water before the session and have a glass of water nearby.
  • To receive the ThetaHealing® downloads, simply say “Yes”.


ThetaHealing® allows you to Upgrade Your Life by upgrading your belief systems.

Schedule your private ThetaHealing® session with me. Click here for details.

Dancing Forward!


Monthly Guided Tele-Meditation & ThetaHealing® Journey for Therapists, Coaches & Other Helping Professionals

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