Lovers Rock®

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Sensuous Partner Yoga & Massage for Couples in Love

Lovers Rock® is my successful and effective sensuous touch education program designed to guide couples through passionate yoga folds and massage sequences.

In the safe environment of your home or studio, you’ll learn customized hands-on tools to soothe common discomforts and help you stay intimately and energetically connected. You will also learn how to relax, relate and stretch into your each other’s embrace.

  • Learn touch for soothing lower back, hip & shoulder discomforts
  • Learn how to give your partner their “right” amount of pressure
  • Learn how to use your body to safely & effectively provide a feel-good, enduring massage
  • Learn how to create a space in your home for massage exchanges
  • Learn how to listen with your ears, hands & heart

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×225.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” title=”Lovers Rock Lotus” frame=”true” icon=”image”]Lovers Rock is also excellent for prenatal couples and those wanting expert instruction on safe touch for the active birthing (touch to soothe and support induction) and postpartum stages of the child bearing year.

This offering is open to romantic partners. It is a non-sexual, yet sensuously (of the senses) charged, experience that will ignite your partnership.

“My girlfriend and I attended your (Lovers Rock) workshop on Valentines Day, and I must say it WAS AMAZING… I felt our bond grow stronger throughout your entire program!!! I have also been suffering from lower back pain from the past for weeks now. I have tried stretching it, sleeping differently, strengthening my abs, heat, bla, bla, bla. Last night I realized that my BACK PAIN WAS GONE!!! I woke up this morning feeling great as well! So, I just wanted to thank you so very much.”
~ Michael C.

Lovers Rock sessions are customized for:

  • Online & In-Person Private Instruction
  • Group Workshops at Festivals & Retreats
  • Group Workshops in Yoga & Dance Studios

“Your Lovers Rock workshop last night was super yummy! Thanks for a wonderfully unique way to spend Valentines Day.”
~Sophia B

Purchase or Gift Online Virtual Studio Lovers Rock Instruction for yourself or someone else (via Skype):
$375 ~ one two hour session (one couple)
$945 ~ six hours of Lovers Rock for you and your beloved (each session can be 60 mins to 2 hours)
Scheduling and virtual studio details will be emailed upon receipt of purchase.

Lovers Rock® Classes

Send me an email to schedule your unique, in-person Lovers Rock experience:

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