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– Imagine Yourself Standing in the Center of Your Personal Universe –

Rooted in Your Power, Awake and Present

From this space you guide and inspire your students to connect with their truth, authenticity and joy.

The hoop is your tool and metaphor for life transformation.

Your personal practice, experience and studies create the rich soil from which you draw your teachings.

This is YOU as a HoopYogini™ Certified Teacher!

Graduates of the 2013 St. Louis HoopYogini Teacher Training
HoopYogini Certified Instructor Aliera Moon teaching in Bali

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HoopYogini™ Teacher Trainings bring to light the seven components of HoopYogini™ as a holistic practice:

  1. Breath & Body ~ Learn anatomy of the breath and how the hoop can assist in the re-education of the breath through direct massage and intelligent stretching with the hoop. Explore an overview of the different systems of the body and how the HoopYogini™ practice can improve health, immunity and mood.

  2. Spine & Movement ~ Learn the six movements of the spine and understand how to integrate its full range of motion for structural, emotional and energetic health.

  3. Energy & Intention ~ Explore energetic anatomy: chakras and the koshas ~ energy centers, sheaths and layers through which you can access your energetic empowerment. Learn how the hoop, yoga and meditation assist you in developing healthy energetic boundaries, as well as assist you in keeping your energetic space clear. Develop the ability to infuse intention into your classes and learn how to direct your students to be present in each moment.

  4. Meditation & Integration ~ Learn how to develop a daily movement and meditation practice that drops an anchor into your intuition and wisdom. It is from this space that you guide your students into a calm and expansive state of awareness.

  5. Language & Leadership ~ Gain specific guidance and templates on how to instruct your students with language that inspires and communicates safety in each movement. Guide your students on how to take the benefits of their HoopYogini™ practice into each aspect of their lives. Explore ethics, healthy boundaries and the teacher/student relationship.

  6. Sets & Sequences: Vinyasas ~ Integrate the above through intelligent sequencing that includes standing (seated series are included in advanced HoopYogini training levels), locomotive and assisted movement flows. Included are waist hooping and off body (the hoop held in the hands) sequences that explore the hoop as a resistance and weight bearing tool to stretch and strengthen the body.

  7. Alchemy & Flow ~ Experience ease and grace in the hoop, your dance, meditation and your life. Develop witness consciousness and observe the magic and creativity that flows within the lives of your students, and in your life from your consistent HoopYogini™ practice.

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Graduates of the 2013 St. Louis HoopYogini Teacher Training
HoopYogini Around The World Flow at the BaliSpirit Festival

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HoopYogini™ Training Sequences :

  • “Spinal Awakening Series” ~ Our Doctor Approved standing, six posture series that when aligned with the breath, moves the spine to it’s full range of motion, tones the core, improves posture and reduces back pain. Introduces the primary posture of the HoopYogini™ curriculum – Centered Pose – and the foundational philosophy of this holistic practice.

  • “From the Core” ~ Eight postures and sequences incorporating the Waist Hooping Foundation Pose. Each expression offers a massage, fitness & meditation experience that burns 400-600 calories an hour, provides a full-body workout, and helps you develop the fitness required to live the life of your dreams.

  • “The Pele Hoop Flow” ~ a powerful fitness challenge and empowering series that detoxifies the body, stretches the back and develops the inner fire.

  • “Alchemy & Flow” ~ links each posture into a flowing, confident dance – an expression of Self; teaches sustained spinning transitions that instantly guide anyone into moving the hoop from on the body to off the body.

  • “Integrative Cool-Down” ~ utilizes the hoop as a tool that stretches and supports the body, relieves residual tension in the body and mind, while offering an internal reflection on how the benefits of one’s practice can be expressed in the rest of their life.

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Graduates of the 2013 St. Louis HoopYogini Teacher Training
Graduates of the 2013 St. Louis HoopYogini Teacher Training

Included in trainings:

  • HoopYogini™ Instructional Video(s)

  • HoopYogini™ Teacher Training Manual(s) (distributed at the training event)

  • HoopYogini™ Class Designs/Lesson Plans for 1 class/workshop to six week programs

  • HoopYogini™ Certificate & Certification* (upon completion of the program & valid for two (2) full years)

  • Detailed feedback on your instructional style and specific action steps to improve your influence and teaching impact

  • Access to the Teacher Only HoopYogini™ group on Facebook for ongoing support, media updates and community

  • Discounts on yoga clothing by our partners and affiliates.Free music and albums by our super creative friends!

  • Option for annual licensing to use the HoopYogini™ name and logo (available upon completion of the program; additional rate), and to be added to our referral list for classes and media representation

  • Option for business and marketing support via coaching with Jocelyn Gordon and HoopYogini Master Trainers

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  • Those coming with a strong foundation in hoop dance (two years or more of steady practice), must have experienced a minimum of 10 hours of hatha yoga practice within the year they have registered to attend a HoopYogini™Teacher Training

  • Those coming with a strong foundation in hatha yoga (two years or more of steady practice), must have experienced a minimum of 10 hours of hoop dance practice within the year they have registered to attend a HoopYogini™ Teacher Training




The in-person training provides an expansive exploration into HoopYogini as a holistic practice. Through consistent, daily HoopYogini practice, you will have a deepened experience of yourself and what is possible in your life. From this steady practice and with ongoing mentorship, you will be rooted to your personal insight and leadership abilities. You will become influential because you are in flow with your essence.

Directly following the in-person training, a minimum of six weeks of personal HoopYogini practice, academic study, mentoring, and on-going self-inquiry are required to complete your certification. Certification completion is discussed the first day of the in-person training. Details for each week are provided the first week following the training.

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Register for these HoopYogini™ trainings:

Bali, Indonesia – Monday, April 4 – Thursday, April 7,  2016 ~ Spinal Awakening Series Register Here

Bali, Indonesia – Friday, April 8 – Monday, April 11, 2016 ~ From The Core w/ Integrative Cool Down Register Here

~ Online Teacher Training next session – May 2016 ~

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HoopYogini™ Training Team:

Jocelyn Gordon is the Creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga. She is a lifelong dancer and has been a Yoga and Massage Therapist and Instructor since 1997. Jocelyn has been featured in The Washington Post, Origin Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, Conscious Dancer Magazine, and FitSugar.com. You have seen her on The Dr. Oz Show, on Fox 5 in Washington D.C. and as the lead instructor in the Gaiam produced HoopFit DVD with Academy Award winning actress, Marisa Tomei. Jocelyn travels internationally leading workshops, retreats and certification events. She is passionate about coaching the next generation of movement educators into prosperity through embodied leadership. Sign up for Jocelyn’s newsletter for details on her coaching programs, trainings and events.


Dr. Kertz with BassRandall Kertz is a chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, educator, and author in private practice in suburban Chicago, Il.. He treats many local, national, and international musicians of all playing styles in his office and on tour, and has lectured on the subject of musician’s injuries and health education worldwide. He has also been a bassist and a tour manager, and has performed these and many other roles in and around the music business for over thirty years.

His book, ‘The Bassist’s Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health’ was first published in 2005, and is now available in its second edition. www.DrKertz.com


Spotlight Rhiannon 3 Rhiannon Cherokee Wynn, HoopYogini™ Master Trainer, 500hr RYT, Elemental Yoga Therapist, Partner Acrobatics/Flying Therapeutics Instructor, Aerial Yoga Instructor, Thai massage practitioner, World Traveler, Awesome Woman, gives us a lesson on Hatha Yoga postures in the HoopYogini ~ Spinal Awakening Series!



Spotlight Rhiannon 3 Christina Pearce, HoopYogini™ Master Trainer, 200hr RYT, Creator of Passion Lives, Lifestylist, Lover of Brunch, Amazing Friend, Salsa Dancer, specializes in integrating your mindfulness practices into your everyday walk and dance in life. www.passionlives.com




Lori hoop over shoulder (2) Lori Jacobsen, HoopYogini™ Master Trainee, Founder of GlitterHoopz, former High School History Teacher specializes in adapting the HoopYogini curriculum for different demographics and communities (kids, elders, etc)! www.GlitterHoopz.com




Rebecca Osborne Greehalge Hoop Bio Photo Rebecca Osborne-Greenhalge, HoopYogini™ Master Trainee, Founder of Zen Revolutions, Anthropologist & Multi-Media Artist, 19 year yoga practitioner, 13 hula hooper, 5 years teaching hoop dance. www.ZenRevolutions.com


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