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It’s time to journey deeper. It’s time to get to know the truth of who you are. Send down an anchor into the limitless ocean of you and see how the currents move you. This movement ~ a whisper, a whirlpool, a wave ~ holds the wisdom that allows your purpose and happiness.

I create a safe and pleasurable space for you to explore this internal dance. My Awaken Celebrate and Inspire Arc of Transformation takes you on a complete journey which allows you to experience and integrate the wisdom received. You exit each journey with your own clear and specific guidance on how to implement this wisdom in your daily life. In this way, authentic movement leads to authentic living. When you live authentically, all your dreams come true.

Visit Bhakti Boogie® Yoga ~ Where Dance is Yoga, HoopYogini™ ~ Holistic Fitness with a Spin!, and ThetaHealing® ~ Upgrade Your Belief Systems to learn more and to schedule your online or in-person experience.

Email me – with your questions or to schedule a unique Ecstatic Embodiment Experience for yourself, your group or a corporate team-building event.

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