My Healing Arts Journey

My healing arts journey started when I was five years old. My grandmother regularly received reflexology from a woman named Bernice. I would watch Bernice and then emulate her movements. My family was very happy to be on the receiving end, and to this day, when I go home, I am expected to massage feet. The same year, I started to study ballet and learned that dance is absolutely my favorite form of expression.

When I could read, I devoured just about anything about the metaphysical, and having to do with paranormal phenomena. I was constantly trying to bend metal or astrally project myself to some other dimension. Fortunately, I was not attracted to developing pyrokinetic skills!

At the age of eight I began to have Petit Mal Seizures in my sleep. For two years I was on Phenobarbital, a powerful barbituate. When I was 10, I started to identify the early sensations of the seizures, and I tried to head them off by internally saying “No!” Unbeknownst to me, I was developing mind over matter and self-healing abilities. I have not had a seizure since.

This was a huge awareness for me – the ability to be present and to heal my body. I would soon be taught this lesson again as a pre-teen when a family friend inappropriately touched me. This experience created a palpable moment when I felt I had lost my voice and parts of my body had been frozen. This experience affected every aspect of my life, especially targeting my self-esteem and ability to trust my instincts and the affections of others. My insecurities manifested silently and visibly. It took many years to peel the layers back to myself, to trust my feelings and reclaim my voice. I am eternally grateful to the Great Mystery of seen and unseen support that gifted me the Movement Arts at a very young age. This initiation provided the framework for reclaiming my life.

Moving forward, I went to college, took a year off, graduated and “settled” into a high profile lifestyle in New York City. Between managing fashion shows, doing Artist and Repertoire work, and styling musicians (Fugees, Smashing Pumpkins) and actors (Warren Beatty, Halle Berry), I felt tugs of inauthenticity. I was in my 20s, immersed in a great “scene,” and yet I did not feel like I had a purpose or passion to be there. I weaned myself out of the scene, started selling advertising space in two major publications and began to reflect upon what made me tick.

In 1997, I discovered pan-African dance and yoga. While heavily studying Haitian dance and Samba, I also got into a strong flow-style yoga practice. I began to remember those moments sitting near my grandmother’s chair and watching her receive a foot massage. I remembered the feelings I had choreographing pieces for my high school dance troupe. These memories and feelings declared themselves as “I Love Movement!”

I enrolled in Massage School, followed with fulfillment as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Evolutionary Yoga Practitioner and Life Coach with over 5,000 hours of training and practice.

In 2008, during meditation in a yoga teacher training, I received the embodied message that I was just beginning to know myself. This message provided a deep comfort and confirmation that I was on the right path. It also provided the imprint of humility and dedication to continue with the practice. Another meditation informed me to stop withholding my passion for dance. A year prior to this moment, I had discovered Hoop Dance – the return of hula hooping for fun, fitness, meditation and art. The dynamic practice of “Hooping” incorporates my early loves – massage of the core, the spiraling discovery of spontaneous movement and the awareness ignited through yoga practice and philosophy. The revelation of Hooping is a dream come true, as my offerings take me around the world and nourish my family.

Unending hours of self-reflection, forgiveness and healing bring me Here Now. My desires have merged to reach for the stars and to participate fully in life on earth. I wish to share with you my love of movement, and in doing so, I hope you are inspired to settle into your body, connect to your true purpose, develop your inner healer and live a life of joy.

I look forward to learning about your motivations, dreams and goals. Let’s create Heaven on Earth… Let’s Dance!

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