[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”350″ align=”left” title=”theta-healing-logo” frame=”true” icon=”image”]Imagine accessing a space of deep relaxation, joy and heightened intuition. A space of Oneness, Ease and Non-Judgement. A space where you can discover the Truth of who you are, remove negative thought patterns blocking this Truth, and receive intuitive guidance on health, relationships, career and more….

“ThetaHealing with Jocelyn was an amazing, life shifting experience. In just a 45 minute session I realized the negative internalized beliefs that were holding me back and stopping me from achieving my greatness. Jocelyn not only helped me to identify these negative internalized thoughts but also to remove them. She helped me shift my thinking so that I am more happy, optimistic, and, most importantly, confident that I can achieve and manifest anything. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have a session with her.”
~Jackie D., Women’s Business Empowerment Coach & Educator, New York City

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all first time sessions are 60 minutes

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Here are just a few things that we can “do” through ThetaHealing:

  • Uncover and remove negative and erroneous beliefs limiting your full potential, and replace them with Truth affirmations received directly from Source
  • Receive intuitive guidance on Relationships, Business, Career & Health
  • Release Resentments, Regrets, Grudges and unhealthy patterns
  • Resolve conflict by seeing the “Big Picture” and get to the Truth of the challenging situation
  • Communicate with DNA and all systems to allow hormonal balance, youth, vitality, your ideal weight and optimal health
  • Learn how to extend and experience Self-Love, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love & other qualities of BEing
  • Clear your energetic space of anyone or anything not in your highest and best interest
  • Open and align your chakras, as well as, heal any holes, rips or tears in your aura

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×209.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” title=”Certified-ThetaHealer1″ frame=”true” icon=”image”]Theta is the brainwave of deep meditation, light sleep and the REM dream cycle. It’s also that lucid space of wisdom and revelation that you experience before drifting off to sleep and before you’re fully awake.

ThetaHealing combines access to this expansive and restorative state with connection to Creator, Source, God, Goddess. This allows for real healing that works on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

“My theta session with Jocelyn was powerfully healing and life changing. Jocelyn gently & powerfully entered into my psyche & saw what negative thoughts were left to be brought to my attention, made me aware of them, and replaced them with more constructive patterns of thought. All I had to do was be open, honest, and accepting of all that was being discovered.”
~Serra, Yoga Instructor, Big Sur, CA

“In my reading all of the important issues in my life were faced head on. Jocelyn gracefully removed what felt like long piercing needles from my energetic body, and connected me with God Source. There is a sweet mysticism to the experience which returned me to a place of Love, Knowing, and Kindred Joy.”
~Michelle, Fine Artist, Photographer, Austria & CA

How to Book

Purple and Pink logo-1I am a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner. It is a great pleasure to share this life changing and affirmative therapeutic modality with you. I facilitate sessions in-person and by phone and Skype. Phone and Skype sessions are just as powerful as in-person experiences! Upon purchasing a session via the links below, you will receive a receipt. I will then email you to schedule your session.

Schedule your 60 minute session now:

all first time sessions are 60 minutes

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Schedule your 30 minute session now:

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“Theta has been around me for awhile, but Jocelyn was the 1st person I said YES to! It was deep, extensive and deceptively simple. I still feel the results now – several things have shifted, and have not returned. Insights have stuck, not faded.”
~Suki Zoe, Co-Owner of Alchemy Wellness in Ubud, Bali

“My ThetaHealing session with Jocelyn was a beautiful and enlightening experience. Her gentle presence and powerful spirit created a very safe space for me to relax and open to the messages she received for me. Her intuition was spot-on and addressed core patterns and old stories, offering me the opportunity to let go and replace them with positive, healthy beliefs. The impact was subtle but deep and I continue to feel the benefit now, months after my session.”
~Iona, Massage Therapist

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