Books & Audio That Have Changed My Life

Learn about and become intimately attuned to the different phases of your menstrual cycle. Receive dietary recommendations for each phase. Understand the importance of insulin production, adrenals and diet in balancing your hormones.

Includes a 40 day meditation to align your mind with the Truth – you are an individualized BEing of the the Divine Substance of the Universe. It is your connection to this substance, flow and energy that is reflected back to you in material form.

I am happy to know Kate Northrup and I can affirm that she is a woman of radiance, integrity and wisdom. Learn how to have a healthy relationship with money. Accelerate your financial wellbeing by creating an authenticity and accountability circle with friends. Read my blog post My Breakthrough to Financial Well-Being to learn how I am upgrading my belief systems and actions to allow my finances to reflect the vast abundance I experience in other areas of my life.

This book is required reading for the HoopYogini™ Teacher Training. Learn how cultures around the world have myths and metaphors related to the Tree axis – your relationship with Self and Spirit and the Hoop axis – your relationship with family, friends, community, etc. Identify your current axis of comfort and mastery, and learn how to develop your whole self.

A deep and beautiful book on integrating 13 aspects of self/humanity to become a Christed being. Includes the archetypal relations Yeshua had with Mary Magdalena, Lucifer, John the Baptist et al. Learn how each lends a core gift that when integrated into the personality and heart, illuminates Christ Consciousness in each of us.

Jivamukti Yoga is a holistic path that reveals your ability to walk liberated – awakened, and free of the TraumaDrama (those stories and imprints that hold you back from living your full potential). Learn the meaning of Asana (earth seat), expand your understanding of Vinyasa (to place in a certain way with intelligence) and the deeper revelations of specific postures, meditations and breath work practices.

Osho demystifies the paradoxical messages of the Christ and illuminates the core dis-ease of society which thus affects the individual mind. Deep – yes – and enlightening in a practical way. He takes vast concepts and brings them home so you can see clearly. This book is blowing my mind!

In this audio program, Alison Armstrong shares how men and women are out of sync socially, culturally, physiologically and within themselves (our desires battle with what we think is expected by family and other influences). The good news? Never before in history have we been more primed to be allies and true partners – no longer having to strategize for financial and emotional leverage. Learn how to clarify what you want in relationships and how to be empowered in your partnerships.

My soul sister and ThetaHealing® colleague, Elise Ballard, shares stories of deep discovery, inner knowing, radical healing and life-changing callings. This is a great book to have by your bedside for a before sleep read. Also perfect inspiration for the start of your day.

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