A Lifestyle Hack That Will Help You Meet Your Fitness & Wellness Goals

A couple of times a year, I play a little game, a hack that helps me refocus on and update my wellness practices.

Rather than committing to eliminating and “giving up” things, I ADD a healthy habit, action or food.

This reboot cycle lasts a month to three months and I add a new habit every 5-14 days. The more resistance I have to adding the particular action or ritual, the longer I commit to a daily practice before adding a new habit.

So, if my emphasis is on hydration and cellular rejuvenation, I commit to drinking X cups of water every day for X days.

At the end of the week, I acknowledge and celebrate my success, from there, I add another habit such as “drink a minimum of five green juices a week”

I continue drinking or exceeding my daily quota of water, as well as, nourishing myself with healthy greens and after 7 days or so, I add a ritual such as daily dry brushing or enhancing my hoop practice with 10 minutes of Breath Of Fire.

Now you might say, “at that pace,” it will take you forever to _______________ (fill in the blank: loose weight, reduce stress, balance hormones, gain more energy), however I’m less focused on speed and more focused on establishing healthy habits that endure.

This practice makes me feel abundant, successful and motivated.

What is your health focus at the moment? How are you feeling called to upgrade your well-being?

Post below and share your goals with me.

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