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Right Livelihood:  earning an income in a way that is ethical, honest and life enhancing

Right Livelihood stands out to me as the fifth of the Buddhist eight path factors as guidance to reduce harm and create balance in body, mind and spirit.

This is why three years ago I did my due diligence in researching doTERRA before aligning with them as a Wholesale Member and Wellness Advocate.  In my research I discovered amazing people, a corporation with a strong and fulfilled drive to improve lives, make a positive global impact and provide the purest products available thus returning humanity to nature for health and wellbeing.

Due Diligence – my visits to doTERRA

I’ve traveled twice to the doTERRA HQ in Utah, met  owners and leaders of the company and have had the great fortune to be in an amazing team with the most supportive and inspirational upline.  My upline leaders have personally visited Co-Impact Sourcing (see below) locations in Haiti, Nepal and Guatemala, directly seeing the positive impact and influence of water pump and filtration centers, schools and medical programs built and maintained by doTERRA.  These improvements in infrastructure not only support farmers supplying doTERRA, they create safety for women, provide clear irrigation and improve roads for the community at large.

Why did I choose doTERRA?

Essential OIls have been a daily part of my life for 17 years.  I started my journey with another oil company using the oils personally and professionally however never felt called to “do the business”.  I moved on from that company about a decade ago. Three years ago I felt called to add an income stream to my wellness business and to support the certified yoga instructors in my program to increase their income, deepen Right Livelihood for themselves and to expand on ways they can make an impact in the lives of their friends, family members and students.  Whilst in Bali, Indonesia, doTERRA came into the spotlight.  It was like an answered prayer and just made sense – “Of course!  I’ve always loved essential oils.  I have personal knowledge and experience with them and I consider these plant medicines my friends and allies.” To top it off, I pretty much fell into friendship love with my upline and have been blessed and inspired by the compensation plan and the business opportunity which is in alignment with my global nomadic lifestyle.  I have leaders and customers in Indonesia, Australia, US, New Zealand, Malaysia and Africa.

Why you can feel great about aligning with doTERRA:

  • Pure, potent and effective therapeutic grade essential oils
  • One-to-one and direct education on how to safely and effectively use essential oils
  • Focus on revolutionizing healthcare with an emphasis on a return to nature, proactive health, informed self-care and improving relationships between medical providers and individuals
  • Rewarding compensation plan
  • Personal development and coaching
  • Co-Impact Sourcing – doTERRA’s good will initiative that provides developing countries with fair, sustainable contracts and community development:
    • Sustainable income for those who are growing, harvesting and distilling the oils
    • Job creation in rural offerings
    • Long-term and guaranteed contracts with no middle agency
    • Formation of cooperatives
    • Fair and ontime payments
    • Profit sharing
    • Community Based and Social Impact – schools, clean water systems, medical programs, midwifery support – projects through doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation

doTERRA’s commitment to purity and their global goodwill efforts matched with their sincere intention to improve lives near and far, contribute to your experience of these high quality oils.

With just one inhalation, you will experience the vibrant, aliveness of these potent plant healers.

“I met Jocelyn when she visited Malaysia in October. It was great to have her “show me the ropes” in sharing oils with groups which taught me how to host and hold a class.  Jocelyn is a very supportive mentor who has provided me with the best guidance via useful links and manuals, and she has always responded promptly.  All that support from Jocelyn is encouraging and motivating.  I really love and enjoy working with her!”

Sharan Sidhu, Yoga Teacher, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Malaysia

What you receive when you join my team:

  • Intensive coaching with my upline and I – we are your teammates in creating success
  • Weekly calls and monthly global trainings
  • Access to marketing and educational tools
  • Access to private Facebook team groups
  • Access to discounts, bonuses and incentives such as discounts to my online yoga teacher training and the forthcoming Chakra Clarity certification
  • Opportunity to create real, rewarding residual income that nourishes your health, family and dreams.

“It has been a wonderful journey having Jocelyn as a teammate, business partner and mentor.  She really knows her s%*t!  She’s always present to push me and challenge me into my own vision for my business.  We have a lot of the same values so the relationship is easy and highly rewarding because she walks the talk.  I’m thankful for such a great example.”

Keniece Ford, CEO BeatyKween, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Women’s Health & Sexuality Expert

Earning Potential and Upper Level Ranks in doTERRA

Is the doTERRA Business Opportunity for You? Are You:

  • Self-Motivated, confident in your networks and open to grow and learn
  • Interested in a global business opportunity that you can activate and create success from your home office or “on the road”
  • Willing to create five hours to 10  a week minimum towards the development of your business skills, empowered product education, and the growth and training of your team
  • Willing and able to make a consistent minimum monthly $150USD commitment by or before the 15th of each month for your personal doTERRA order and to maximize free products and free product credit
  • Eager to go reach the ELITE rank ($300-$600USD/month) within 30 – 60 days and to reach Silver ($2100USD/month average)  within your first enrollment year
  • Willing to grow beyond your personal edges, do away with negative self-talk and self-sabotage and step into collaborative leadership with your upline and those you attract into your team?

If this is a resounding “YES!”….Get Started Now!

CLICK HERE if you already know what you want and you understand the wholesale enrollment process.

These are the most popular starter kits to activate your business:
Home Essentials Kit | Natural Solutions Kit | Every Oil Kit

If you want to save the most money, maximize discounts and jump start your earnings, I suggest you enroll with a premium kit:

Diamond Kit | Natural Solutions Kit | Every Oil Kit

These large, premium kits, provide FAST TRACK programs which are great if you are excited to share and earn right away or if you wish to stock these wonderful oils in your spa, salon, cafe, wellness or retreat center, yoga studio, health food store, etc.

In addition to the bonuses and advancements that doTERRA provides with larger kits, I extend bonuses such as music and meditation downloads, free essential oils reference books, discounts to my acclaimed 200hr HoopYogini Online Teacher Training program (get certified to teach yoga!) and the forthcoming Chakra Clarty Certification Course.  Message me to learn about my monthly enrollment bonuses –

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  1. Go to my website –
  2. Click JOIN & SAVE
  3. Choose your language and your country and then hit Continue. If you don’t see your country, CONTACT me at so we can get you set up as a Global Access Customer.
  4. Choose Wellness Advocate option (if you would like to create an income or get your oils paid for by sharing your friends and family) and then hit Continue.
  5. Fill in your details and create a password. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should autofill, but if not, enter 2407971 in both boxes and my name “Jocelyn Gordon” should come up.
  6. Pick your kit (Home Essentials, Natural Solutions or Every Oil / Oil Sharing are our most popular and cost effective) or choose a the most premium kit – Diamond Kit.  If you prefer to order oils a la carte, choose  the $35 enrollment kit option – this fee is waived if you enroll with a preset kit.
  7. If you would like to add items, type the names below in the product/shopping cart area.
  8. Complete your order with your payment details and then click “Process Order Now And Continue”.
  9. Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order during this same process to activate your eligibility to earn an income with doterra.
  10. Email me so I can send you your enrollment bonuses.
  11. Eagerly and joyfully await the arrival of your kit!

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