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HoopYogini™ is Doctor Approved! Meet Dr. Shara Downey

Meet Dr. Shara Downey, Chiropractor, and Owner of Asia Chiropractic Health Services!

We met this past June in Phuket, Thailand where I presented the Spinal Awakening Series at Awesomeness Fest, a networking event celebrating lifestyle “hacks” and human potential through media and collaboration.

Dr. Shara and I had great conversations on yoga, movement and wellness.

She provided the following testimonial explaining the positive impact of the HoopYogini™ ~ Spinal Awakening Series on the spine.

Dr. Shara along with Dr. Randall Kertz, is now a contributing educator and expert to the HoopYogini™ curriculum and teacher training programs.

Join our team at a training event!

Practice the HoopYogini™ ~ Spinal Awakening Series to tone your core, improve your core and reduce back pain.


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