Full Breath, Full Life ~ Seated Meditation

This Full Breath, Full Life Meditation is designed to drop you out of your head and into your body and breath.

This ten minute practice teaches two specific breathing techniques – Three Part Breath & Victorious Breath. Together, they:

  • Re-educate and return your nervous system to full body breathing
  • Calm the Body Mind Spirit
  • Cleanse the internal organs
  • Help you respond (rather than react) to stress and discomfort.

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If you are seated on the floor, utilize folded blankets, a pillow or blocks to prop your seat (your butt!) so your knees are at level to, or below your hips/pelvis.  This will allow you to sit without strain on your lower back or hip sockets, and will eliminate or reduce strain from the attempt to “hold” up your knees.  You can also place a block under each knee which will then allow you to rest and relax your weight into your prop.  In this way, we bring the Earth to the body and feel the great support available in each moment. You can also sit in a chair with an elevated spine.

I offer this meditation to you with the intent that you feel safe in your body and that you connect with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Full Breath, Full Life Seated Meditation Audio
Click the player below to begin or download
(The guided meditation starts at 4:25)

Music Credit: Music from the Growth & Elevation album by Wisdom.
Learn more about Wisdom’s music via www.wisdomcreations.com.

May this practice bring you Peace and may you share this Peace with the World. Namaste.

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