Root Your Self, Uplift Your Life ~ A 7 Week HoopYogini™ TeleMeditation Series

Is this YOU?:

  • You feel off center, disconnected and overwhelmed by the demands of life
  • Your inner critic voice is on high volume
  • You find it challenging to do and create what you say you really want
  • You’re pressed for time and bored with your workout routine
  • You know that meditation relieves stress and calms the mind, however, you feel bored and frustrated when you try to practice

As you move into 2013, would you like to:

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  • Develop the FITness required to live the life of your dreams
  • Release old belief patterns and let go of your “story” ~ the TraumaDrama
  • Move what immobilizes you and celebrate what moves you
  • Establish a daily personal practice that calms your mind and tones your body
  • Be gentle with yourself and BOLD with your Purpose
  • Transform your body through Passion & Pleasure
  • [/list]

    If this is a “Yes” for you
    It’s time to LET GO
    It’s time to LIVE without the weight of your story, your inner critic, your lack of self-esteem

    I’m a busy woman and often, I have to put sincere effort in turning down the volume of my inner critic – the voice that says “I’m not enough,” “I’m not ready,” “It’s not the right time”.

    Fortunately, I’ve learned how to calm my mind and redirect to the Truth of my Self; to tap into the creative force and to develop true FITness ~ what’s required to live a life of Presence, Passion and Power.

    The icing on the cake ~ a toned belly, sculpted arms, a passion for life!

    Let me show you how….

    I’ve developed a holistic conditioning program called HoopYogini™ ~ Holistic Fitness with a Spin! It utilizes the modern adult size hula hoop for flow, joy, self-awareness and as a functional fitness tool to strengthen and stretch the body.

    My HoopYogini™ Earth Seat practice is an innovative fusion of transformational breath work, dynamic and soothing stretches with the hoop, and a core strengthening workout that will take you to the root (of your Self) and uplift your life (and body).

    All this in less than 60 minutes.

    (No Experience Required)

    Sound like fun?

    Join me, Jocelyn Gordon, Ecstatic Embodiment Expert and creator of HoopYogini™ ~ Holistic Fitness with a Spin!, on a seven week journey into true self-esteem, a deepened relationship to your Self, and a rooted practice that tones your body and calms your mind.

    Root Your Self, Uplift Your Life ~ A 7 Week HoopYogini™ TeleMeditation Series

    Wednesdays, 6pm – 7:15pm PST / 9pm – 10:15pm EST
    January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
    February 6, 13

    In each 75 minute call you will experience:
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  • a 45 minute HoopYogini™ ~ Earth Seat practice that will strengthen your core, soothe tight muscles of the back and shoulders, and awaken your spine
  • a guided meditation with affirmations to keep you focused in the moment and connected to your essence
  • body-centered coaching prompts to develop true self-esteem and confidence
  • time to share your process and receive support on your journey

  • [/list]

    Week One:
    Earth Seat
    ~ Learn the #1 posture that immediately evokes Ease, Calm & Presence
    ~ Establish your spine for a true connection to the Earth and your Inner Power
    ~ Experience a guided meditation that activates your felt sense of Support and Love

    Week Two:
    Long Live the Breath!
    ~ Relearn how to breathe like a baby – Safe, Secure & Relaxed
    ~ Undue patterns of restricted and shallow breathing
    ~ Experience a guided meditation that releases fear, anxiety and resistance

    Week Three:
    Become the Witness, Let Go of the Drama
    ~ Learn how to observe (drama free!) what’s happening in each moment
    ~ Connect with your emotions without feeling like your life is threatened
    ~ Experience a guided meditation that roots you in the Now

    Week Four:
    Limitless Ocean of You
    ~ Learn how to drop into a meditative space in five minutes or less
    ~ Shift from Doing to BEing
    ~ Experience a guided meditation that anchors you to your Vastness

    Week Five:
    Wisdom Seat
    ~ Learn how to access your inner Well of Wisdom
    ~ Become your own Best Friend and a master of Creative Problem Solving
    ~ Experience a guided meditation that teaches you how to Trust and live with Confidence

    Week Six:
    Source Energy Connection
    ~ Learn how to shift from the self to “All That Is”
    ~ See the “Big Picture” and connect with your Life Purpose
    ~ Experience a guided meditation that connects you to Truth and Divine Inspiration

    Week Seven:
    Loving Kindness in Action
    ~ Learn how to take the fruits of your practice into your life, art and relationships
    ~ Practice Unconditional Love
    ~ Experience a guided meditation that blesses your practice and the world

    Your investment includes:

    [list type=”check”]

  • Live access to each weekly call
  • 7 hours of the recordings of each call which you can then upload on your mp3 player and computer for ongoing practice
  • 45 minute instructional HoopYogini™ Earth Seat video via digital download
  • 30 minute private coaching call with Jocelyn**
  • Weekly email with coaching prompts and inquiries to maximize each call and focus
  • Access to the private HoopYogini™ TeleMeditation group on Facebook for ongoing support, media updates and community
  • [/list]


    $285 for all of the above (Life is Awesome!)
    Only 15 spaces available
    This is a great holiday gift!

    Register Here Now

    ** The first 5 registrants receive an upgrade to a 60 minute coaching call with Jocelyn

    A portion of the proceeds of this series will go to Sacred Childhoods foundation, an inspiring organization preventing child trafficking and prostitution in Indonesia.

    The week of the call, you will receive the call in number and your unique session pass code, as well as, your weekly coaching inquiry.

    Sample your experience:
    Fitness, Freedom & Self-Esteem ~ Yours in 2013
    HoopYogini™ TeleMeditation Class

    What you need for the class:

    • An adult or child size hoop. There will be no hooping on the body in this class. (… Imagine exploring the hoop as a tool similar to a yoga strap …)
      Click here for an eco friendly hoop.
    • Click here for a travel hoop.

    • A comfortable space to sit (ideally on the floor if that’s available to you).
    • A prop for your bum such as a meditation cushion, rolled up yoga mat, pillow, etc

      HoopYogini at HoopCamp 2012

      Become an inspired educator! The HoopYogini™ Teacher Training roots you in the center of your personal universe and practice so you can then uplift your life and inspire others. Click here for more information.

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