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Learn how to teach a holistic fitness offering perfect for gyms, yoga and dance studios.

Deepen your hoop dance, yoga and meditation practices.

Awaken your leadership skills!

HoopYogini™ Teacher Training – Sedona
Immediately following the Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat
starts 3pm on Saturday, October 19 and ends 11am on Wednesday, October 23

Saturday, October 19 – Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sedona Mago Retreat
3500 E. Bill Gray Road
Sedona, AZ 86336
Most convenient airport is Phoenix (PHX)
Two hour drive from PHX to Sedona

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The HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Awaken Level program is a 50 hour training designed for Hoopers and Yoginis/Yogis with a minimum of two years of personal practice with hoop dance, yoga or meditation. The training brings to light the following components of HoopYogini™ as a holistic practice (read here for a more in-depth description of each focus point):

  1. Breath & Body
  2. Spine & Movement
  3. Energy & Intention
  4. Meditation & Integration
  5. Language & Leadership
  6. Sets & Sequences: Vinyasas
  7. Alchemy & Flow

Upon completion of the HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Awaken Level, you’ll be able to lead the following experiences:

  • “Spinal Awakening Warm-Up” ~ a six posture series that when aligned with the breath, moves the spine to it’s full range of motion, thus promoting structural health, digestion and peace of mind
  • “From the Core” ~ waist hooping Foundational Pose and sequences that offer a massage, fitness & meditation experience that burns 400-600 calories an hour, provides a full-body workout, develops the core and improves posture
  • “The Pele Hoop Flow” ~ a powerful fitness challenge and empowering series that detoxifies the body, stretches the back and develops the inner fire
  • “Alchemy & Flow” ~ links each posture into a flowing, confident expression of Self; teaches sustained spinning transitions that instantly guide anyone into moving the hoop from on the body to off the body
  • “Integrative Cool-Down” ~ utilizes the hoop as a tool that stretches and supports the body, relieves residual tension in the body and mind, while offering an internal reflection on how the benefits of one’s practice can be expressed in the rest of their life

In addition, you will experience:

  • The Posture of Present Moment Awareness
  • Introduction to Yogic Philosophy
  • Mindfulness Meditation as a Practice of Being with What Is
  • Introduction to “Hatha Yoga & Hooping”
  • Guided Hoop Meditations

Included in the training:

  • HoopYogini™ Awaken DVD via Digital Download
  • HoopYogini™ Teacher Training Manual ~ Awaken Level (distributed at the training event)
  • HoopYogini™ Class Designs/Lesson Plans for 1 day to six week programs
  • HoopYogini™ Awaken Level Certificate & Certification (upon completion of the program & valid for two (2) full years)
  • Two 30 minute Coaching Calls with Jocelyn Gordon, creator of HoopYogini™
  • Access to the Teacher Only HoopYogini™ group on Facebook for ongoing support, media updates and community
  • Option for annual licensing to use the HoopYogini™ name (available upon completion of the program; additional rate)
  • Option for business and marketing support via a monthly online subscription program (additional rate) which will include HoopYogini™ designed playlists and guidance from movement educators and leaders in the fields of radiant health, sustainability and ethical business.


  • Those coming with a strong foundation in hoop dance (two years or more of steady practice), must have experienced a minimum of 10 hours of hatha yoga practice within the year they have registered to attend a HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Awaken Level
  • Those coming with a strong foundation in hatha yoga (two years or more of steady practice), must have experienced a minimum of 10 hours of hoop dance practice within the year they have registered to attend a HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Awaken Level

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The in-person training provides an expansive exploration into HoopYogini™ as a holistic practice. Through consistent, daily HoopYogini™ practice, you will have a deepened experience of yourself and what is possible in your life. From this steady practice and with ongoing mentorship, you will be rooted to your personal insight and leadership abilities. You will become influential because you are in flow with your essence.

Directly following the in-person training, a minimum of six weeks of personal HoopYogini™ practice, academic study, mentoring, and on-going self-inquiry are required to complete your certification at the Awaken Level. Certification completion is discussed the first day of the in-person training. Details for each week are provided on the last day of the in-person training.


Included in the tuition:

  • A four day immersion into hoop dance, yoga and meditation
  • The holistic curriculum, training details and certification (upon successful completion) shared above
  • An unforgettable teacher training preparing you for success and taking you to the best destination ~ your Self!

HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Awaken Level Tuition Only: $899


Four day double occupancy accommodations and meals at the
Sedona Mago Retreat Center: $670

Tuition + Accommodations:

HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Tuition w/ Accommodations & Meals at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center: $1569 ($899 tuition + $670)

Cover your Tuition and Accommodations securely with your debit or credit card via the Paypal link below.

Additional Details:

NON-REFUNDABLE: You can apply your tuition towards a future course within 12 months if you need to cancel.

TRANSPORTATION and ACCOMMODATIONS: Not included in the tuition price. We kindly assist in finding low-cost accommodations and ride shares. Click here for Shuttle information between Phoenix and Sedona.

Sedona Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat: Fully immerse yourself in Hooping as a spiritual path, in support of your personal growth and community engagement – attend the Sedona Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat (immediately preceding the HoopYogini™ Teacher Training): Sunday, October 13 – Saturday, October 19, 2013.

HoopYogini™ Teacher Training ~ Sedona, AZ August 2013

Your Facilitator:

Jocelyn Gordon is the Creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie®. She travels internationally facilitating life transformation through dance, conscious movement, body-centered coaching and fun! An inspiring educator and lover of holistic fitness, Jocelyn is passionate about being fully self-expressed and helping others experience liberation from TraumaDrama ~ the stories that hold us back from experiencing our full potential. Sign up for Jocelyn’s newsletter for details on her HoopYogini™ DVD and Teacher Trainings.

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