Chicago ~ I AM Intuitive: A Group Meditation & ThetaHealing® Journey

Urban Escape Healing
1049 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
7pm – 9pm

Registration details are below

I AM Intuitive: A Meditation & ThetaHealing® Journey with Jocelyn Gordon
Experience a guided journey that expands your intuitive abilities and energetic empowerment. Remove programs that say you’re not worthy of and unable to connect with the Creator of All That Is (Source Energy). Receive downloads of Unconditional Love, Self-Love and Real Confidence. Clear your energetic space, align your chakras and heal your aura. Feel expansive, connected and at ease.

About ThetaHealing®:
Theta is the brainwave of meditation, REM sleep and dreaming. ThetaHealing® combines access to this expansive and restorative state with connection to Creator, Source, God, Goddess. This allows for real healing that works on the subconscious level and beyond. Change your programs, change your life!

Pre-Register: $25 Individual or $45 if you Register for Two
At the Door: $30 Individual

Chicago ~ I AM Intuitive: Group Meditation & ThetaHealing®

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