Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

  • Essential oils are the compounds from the root, stem, seeds bark and flower of a plant.
  • Essential oils give plants their distinctive smells.
  • Essential oils protect plants from environmental dangers and disease.  
  • Essential oils can be employed aromaticlly, topically and internally to support the health and emotional well-being of humans and animals.
  • Essential oils work on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels.
  • Essential oils have been used througout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.” Hippocrates

How Can Essential Oils Be Used?

Are Essential Oils Safe For Children?

  • Some are and some are not.  Just like embracing proper nutrition / supplementation, research is required to understand how to use essential oils safely and to learn what oils are best for you and your family members. Most oils tend to be non-irritating, however, it is a great idea to skin test and to dilute with a carrier oil before application.  The bottom of the feet is a great point for application as this is where the skin is thickest on the body. Aromatic diffusion is also a great way to share some oils.
  • doTERRA focuses on research, data and education. There is an abundance of information about oil safety on the doTERRA website.  Contact the support team with your questions about essential oils and products (just email
  • Invite your medical and wellness community to participate in the holistic health of your family.  Don’t be afraid to discuss oils usage with your medical partners.

Are Essential Oils Safe For Pregnancy? Dr. Hill gives his testimony

Why are you inspired to explore essential oils? 

Returning to or deepening your self-care

Improving the health of your friends and family

Adding beauty to your day

Emotional well-being and stress relief

Sleep support?

Why you should choose doTERRA:

  • Pure, potent and effective therapeutic grade essential oils
  • One-to-one and direct education on how to safely and effectively use essential oils
  • Focus on revolutionizing healthcare with an emphasis on a return to nature, proactive health, informed self-care and improving relationships between medical providers and individuals
  • Rewarding compensation plan
  • Personal development and coaching
  • Co-Impact Sourcing - doTERRA’s good will initiative that provides developing countries with fair, sustainable contracts and community development:
    • Sustainable income for those who are growing, harvesting and distilling the oils
    • Job creation in rural offerings
    • Long-term and guaranteed contracts with no middle agency
    • Formation of cooperatives
    • Fair and ontime payments
    • Profit sharing
    • Community Based and Social Impact - schools, clean water systems, medical programs, midwifery support - projects through doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation

doTERRA's commitment to purity and their global goodwill efforts matched with their sincere intention to improve lives near and far, contribute to your experience of these high quality oils.

With just one inhalation, you will experience the vibrant, aliveness of these potent plant healers.

What’s Next?

You now understand the power and potential of essential oils as natural health solutions that can positively impact the health, emotions and mindset of you and your family members.  Invite these plant allies into your home - become a doTERRA Wholesale Member (customer and user of the oils) or Wellness Advocate (earning an income sharing the oils).

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