Doula & Blessing Way Services

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a birth companion who assists a woman before, during or after childbirth.

Doulas are non-medical persons and non-family members. They provide physical, emotional and educational support to the birthing woman and her family.

My favorite definition of a Doula is that we are Guardians of Oxytocin – The Love Hormone


Doulas Are Guardians Of Oxytocin

Oxytocin is known as the attachment hormone. Oxytocin is a necessary and natural catalyst of the birthing process. It is also a hormone present during lovemaking and conception. Conception, pregnancy and birth should be acts of making, giving, receiving and allowing Love To Flow.

Our work together emphasizes your pre-birth preparedness including physical, emotional and spiritual “fitness”. We celebrate your life journey, innate and natural ability to birth, activate and enhance your confidence and create strategies to address and remove obstacles to love.

In-Person Birth Doula Package (available in FL – Flagler & Volusia Counties) | Your investment includes free initial consultation, guided meditation & yoga media, plus the following support services:


  • 1-2 Prenatal meetings to establish trust, discuss your birth preferences and needs, and provide guidance on how to enhance comfort in pregnancy and birth.
  • Peaceful Birth Plan Consultation (online or in-person)
  • Guidance on pregnancy and postpartum self-care strategy
  • Audio, video and text communication

(See below for Virtual Doula & Prenatal Add Ons including Blessing Way, Fear Release Sessions, Lifestyle Planning, Yoga and Holistic Fitness sessions. Message directly regarding Prenatal Massage & Yoga Therapy.)


  • Contact with you during active birthing (labor)
  • Continuous ongoing, in-person presence and support during your birth until your baby is born – call me and I will be there!  (starts up to 3 weeks before your Estimated Due Date)
  • Creation of your birth “Zen Zone” with flameless candles, essential oils/aromatherapy, music and playlists, rebozo, positive affirmations, special requests and an all around chill and empowering vibe
  • Conscious touch and mindful movement to assist you in pain-less, peaceful birth

Schedule your free 20 minute Birth Doula Consultation!


  • Immediate postpartum & breastfeeding support (up to about 1-2 hours after birth)
  • 1 Postpartum Support session, addressing your birth journey, emotional and physical needs and self-care strategy
  • Text and email checkins acknowledging your partnership and or supportive relationships, community engagement, and family planning

(Postpartum Add Ons include online Holistic Postpartum Support Circle, Yoga Therapy, Body “Closing” Ceremony and space holding for trauma recovery)

“My husband and I had the good fortune of having Jocelyn serve as my Massage Therapist and key support during my pregnancy. Jocelyn taught my husband how to provide prenatal massage under her skillful and loving care, utilizing techniques that could be useful in labor and birth. She also provided direct touch, easing the aches and discomforts of my changing body. Jocelyn has an incredible wealth of knowledge, and a strong, nurturing presence that fosters a safe and intimate experience. Having Jocelyn’s services during this precious period of my life is one of the most memorable experiences I have had. Jocelyn is truly an exceptionally gifted and talented Massage Therapist and Doula. I highly recommend her services!”

Ifeoma Nwokoye, RN/Family Nurse Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Connecticut, USA

Even if we live miles apart, I can still support your pregnancy and birth journey as your Virtual Doula

As your “virtual” Doula, I provide ongoing support, focused presence, healthy mindset tools and techniques, timely and intuitive reassurance, helpful information (birth stages, pain management/management of intense sensation, birth positioning, communication skills, etc), guidance supporting your physical preparedness and educate on soothing touch – all offerings that boost oxytocin release and stimulate a field of love so you and your family can feel confident, held and fully in the presence of this most powerful life initiation.

My Virtual Doula Offerings

  • Fear Release & Timeline Therapy addressing parental concerns and the emotional imprints of birth and life trauma so you can nourish the optimal inner environment for a peaceful and painless birth
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Self-Care Strategy providing guidance, suggestions of self-care rituals and self-care planning to address the dynamic and shifting needs of woman as householder, birther and mother.  An emphasis is on stress reduction, addressing obstacles to self-care, enrolling others to support you in self-care, and co-creating no cost to low cost self-care strategies that nourish you so you can feel good and which contribute to a positive postpartum integration experience.
  • Parenting & Lifestyle Visioning assisting you and your partner and support team in discussing the “important stuff” such as household management and division of labor, co-parenting dynamics, employment and income generation responsibilities, childcare and education perspectives (and more) so you can co-create a clear postpartum container of support that allows you to relax into and enjoy your pregnancy, birth and parenting experience
  • Peaceful Birth Plan Consultation supporting your ideal vision for creating the optimal loving and serene environment (emphasizing The Love Hormone – Oxytocin!) for bringing in your baby naturally at home, a birth center or hospital. We will also address Peaceful Birth strategies in the face of unexpected outcomes such as cesarean birth. Be sure to ask me about Water Birth, Lotus Birth and my family’s experience with delayed cord clamping.
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness providing customized hatha yoga, HoopYogini™ and movement meditation flows and breathwork guidance that are therapeutic in nature, encourage healthy range of motion and circulatory flow, support respiration and digestive function and emphasize your natural, innate and timeless ability to easefully create, grow and nurture life.
  • Prenatal & Birth Massage & Touch Training for you and your birth partner so you can learn and practice techniques addressing pregnancy discomfort, encouraging intimacy and connection, and supporting easeful birth.

All sessions are online and fulfilled via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp

Maha Mama Package: 9 call hours + email, text & whatsapp support
– Includes initial consultation and 9 hours of the offerings listed above
– Delivery of holistic fitness and guided meditation media – digital downloads of HoopYogini instructional videos with PDF for prenatal modifications and Chakra Clarity Music & Meditation
– Flexible fulfillment of the package in multiple one hour sessions or bulk experiences of two hours and greater
– PLUS unlimited email checkins
– PLUS whatsapp and text support starting 37 weeks gestation until one month after birth of your baby
– Additional rate for presence at birth (if available geographically)
*If we start working together in your first trimester, this package can be delivered in three hours per trimester

Sweet Mama Support Package:  4 hours + email, text & whatsapp support
– Includes initial consultation and 4 hours of customized support through the services listed above in the Offerings section (during the initial consultation, we choose the package/offering focus)
– Flexible fulfillment of the package in multiple one hour sessions or bulk experiences of two hours or one four hour intensive session
– Delivery of holistic fitness and guided meditation media – digital downloads of HoopYogini instructional videos with PDF for prenatal modifications and Chakra Clarity Music & Meditation
– email checkins
– whatsapp and text support starting 37 weeks gestation until one month after birth of your baby
– Additional rate for presence at birth (if available geographically)

A La Carte Sessions are $175/hour

“I met Jocelyn in Bali at the Eat Pray Doula Gentle Birth Training led by my heroines of birth – Ibu Robin Lim and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. I had the pleasure to practice gentle early morning yoga with Jocelyn.  Each morning I would wake up to be with Jocelyn for her gorgeous practice designed for Doulas working with pregnant moms. I was fascinated by the way she moved, the way she encouraged us to self massage our bodies with coconut oil (I was unaware of this ancient Ayurvedic practice at the time) while telling us how important it is to love our bodies and ourselves.”

Maíra D. B. Magalhãe, Certified Birth Doula and yoga Teacher, Brazil Malaysia


My Experience: I am a mother of two.  Both my girls were born naturally – the first 17 years ago in a birthing center in a hospital (supported by a Doula, Midwife and my Hypnobirthing Method Educator) and the second 15 years later at our home. My second pregnancy I was 41 years amazing and considered “at risk”.  Fortunately I have been in the birth support community for 20 years providing prenatal massage and yoga, natural induction massage and reflexology, as well as, facilitating and hosting women’s/mother circles which provide spaces for women and moms to connect, process and uplift each other.  I have surrounded myself with powerful peaceful birth ambassadors such as Ibu Robin (Bumi Sehat Foundation), Debra Pascali-Bonaro (Orgasmic Birth) and Kara Maria Ananda.  In March 2017, I attended the Eat, Pray Doula Advanced Birthkeeper Training which focuses on supporting parents in the face of undesired outcomes, on maintaining continuous support and advocacy of peaceful birth practices whether the birthing setting be at home or in a hospital, and in being guardians of oxytocin – the love hormone.

I understand the fears of new parents and the joyful anticipation of those desiring natural births.
I will listen to you.
I am here for you.


A Blessingway is a sacred pre-birth ceremony from the Navajo people honoring and celebrating a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.
In recent times, this beautiful ritual has been adapted as an alternative to a Baby Shower.

Be celebrated!  Honor the path of mothers behind you and ahead of you.  Offer up songs and receive prayers of protection and ease. Be presented with gifts for your birthing altar. Activate complete, absolute trust in your power.  Allow your sisters and female elders to hold space for you and your journey as woman, householder and mother. This is the rite of passage that is the portal before the most amazing initiation – childbirth.

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“Thank you so much we loved the day and felt blessed beyond you did a perfect job holding space with grace and ease.”
Rachel Griffin, Mama of Two, Jewelry Maker/Artist

photos on this page captured by Brian Galban, Jose Luis del Solar and Gaelyn Larrick