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    Full Moon Ceremony To Activate Self-Care

    This week – Wednesday, January 31, 2018 – is a Super Blue Blood Moon. This means it is the second full moon within the month AND a lunar eclipse.

    This Super Blue Blood Moon has got me ruminating about self-care and asking myself and the women in my community – “Is self-care part of your life only once in a blue moon?”

    I created some space to create my own definition of self-care. I’ll share that below and I’ll provide journal and writing prompts that will help illuminate your relationship to self-care and help you discern if you have daily rituals of nourishment and if not, to find ways to lovingly and manageably bring them into your life.

    Be sure to download my free self-care chart here

    Print and post it in your view.

    Upon completing the following ceremony, you can X or check off under
    acknowledging this ceremony and journaling exercise
    as a ritual of nourishment.


    Before I share those journal prompts…

    Get your journal.  Light a candle.  Burn that palo santo or sage.  

    Drop into your seat, scan your body and with your exhales, release the sound of “ahhhhhhh”.

    Allow each exhalation to signify a release of whatever you were doing, whatever was on your mind prior to your presence in this ceremony.

    Allow each inhalation to signify a homecoming, a return to your body temple and to the sacred now moment.

    Once you feel centered, read a bit of wisdom from my friend, Dr. Ezzie Spencer, about the significance of this Super Blue Blood Moon.  Journal prompts follow.

    What is a Super Blue Blood Moon…

    This happens when a lunar eclipse coincides with a Super Moon that also happens to be the second Full Moon in the same calendar month.

    A Blood Moon happens during a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth blocks the light from the Sun and the Full Moon appears to turn red in the night sky.

    A lunar eclipse happens just two or three times a year, always at a Full Moon, but not at every Full Moon. 

    And still, not every lunar eclipse is a total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon — this is the first since 2015. 

    (The orbits of the Earth, Moon and Sun need to line up in a certain way for a Full Moon to be a total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon).

    Add to this that the Moon has an elliptical orbit, so the Moon will be closer to the Earth (or at perigee) at some times, and therefore some Full Moons, more than others.

    When the moon is at perigee, this is called a Super Moon. We have Super Full Moons relatively frequently. This particular Blood Moon is not super close to perigee, but is still technically a Super Moon.

    Add the third element in the lunar trifecta… the current accepted definition of a Blue Moon is when a Full Moon is a second Full Moon in a calendar month, which only happens once every couple of years. 

    We started 2018 with a Full Moon and we’re ending it with another on 31 January, most places in the world.

    So with Full Moons bookending the month, we have our Super Blue Blood Moon!

    What does it mean….?!

    Well, without buying into too much of the hype around the latest fancy moon-moniker… (the Gregorian monthly calendar being man-made, for starters…!)

    Full Moons tend to amplify, and eclipses tend to accelerate. 

    With lots of attention on THIS moon, make sure you take this opportunity under the moonlight to get super clear about what you want to create in your life, consciously let go of any ties holding you back from your dreams, and move forwards with direction, focus — and perhaps extra speed.”  

    Thank you Dr. Ezzie!

    NOW, bring your journal to your heart-space

    Breathe and intend that through pen/pencil and paper,
    your True Wisdom, Divine Guidance and Profound Clarity will speak. 

    And so it is … Ashe Aho Amen

    Journal Prompts:

    “What is self-care anyway?  How do I define self-care?”

    Start with “I define self-care as …..”  Write for as long as you need and then assess if you currently have daily rituals of nourishment in your life and if you do, how do they measure with your definition of self-care.

    (I define self-care as no to low cost daily loving interactions with myself and my environment that emphasize mindfulness and presence, heart-centerd connection, spiritual alignment and physical and emotional nourishment stimulating feelings and sensations of peace and pleasure. Self-care may involve others however the participation of others is not required. xoxo Jocelyn)

    “What needs to change?”


    “What can I celebrate?”

    Once complete, get a scarf put on your favorite Divine Feminine inspired music and dance and sing and cry and laugh!

    You creating the time space to inquire within, to listen, to receive and to celebrate is an expression of self-care.

    Be sure to download my self-care chart, acknowledge your ceremony
    and keep in the flow with daily rituals of nourishment.

    When I’m nourished, when my cup is full,
    my inspiration and creativity soar,
    my intuition skyrockets,
    my mood becomes more consistently positive
    and my relationships improve.

    Self-Care Is Essential

    And is a huge part of my life focus and coaching offerings.

    If you suspect that an improvement in your self-care rituals could bring you more calm and clarity, or, if you have a dream or absolutely necessary life adjustment in which you need to be resourced with courage and steps towards fulfilment, schedule a free 20 minute Alignment Session with me.  We’ll see if my Coaching offerings and our connection offer the right magic and special sauce to help you Birth Your Best Life Into Being.

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    We’ll see if we’re the right fit to work together.