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    A Mother’s Love – My Journey With Essential Oils

    My journey with essential oils started 17 years ago with the birth of my first daughter - Jordan. Shortly after coming home from the birthing center, and immediately following giving her a bath, Jordan presented with small bumps all over her skin.  I immediately called her pediatrician who diagnosed her over the phone with eczema and “wrote” a prescription for a topical corticosteroid for application to her very young skin.  I knew I didn’t want to start my daughter’s life dependant on topical medical creams and petroleum based ointments so I began researching natural remedies and started treating her skin with shea butter and lavender essential oil (diluted for infants).  Check out her beautiful skin now!  Side note:  I now know that newborn skin does not need to be immediately bathed.  The vernix caseosa - the cheesy, waxy coating on newborns’ skin - acts as a natural moisturizer and protective barrier. Let it be.  More on that later.

    Prenatal Nourishment

    15 years later, Sienna was preparing to come into the world.  Whilst pregnant, I was working my home-based wellness business, living outside of my home country and enjoying the wonderful experience of having a teenage daughter.  For stress reduction and to nourish my body and balance my mood, I massaged my body with frankincense and sandalwood diluted in coconut oil.  I anointed my belly with Immortelle blend (luxurious and wonderful!) to help minimize stretch marks.  doTERRA’s Serenity blend (the calming blend) was frequently diffused to help me get to sleep.

    The Birthing Space 

    Sienna was born at home. Our birthing space was a warm and loving altar with items from her Blessing Way, diffusion of Serenity and low lighting - a lovely ambience.  Shortly after coming into the world, Sienna was anointed with diluted frankincense near her crown and diluted myrrh oil on her navel - high vibration, spiritually re-knowned oils applied with the intention to welcome her to the world and to acknowledge her divinity.

    Postpartum Self-Care 

    My postpartum journey was rocky (postpartum hormonal shifts plus the hormonal shifts of my teenage daughter - wooah!!!) - I was inspired and depleted.  In love and feeling both full and empty.  I didn’t have time for my former self-care practices.  Although my beloved essential oils had always been my allies, I had to create space for reverential connection with my body and energy.  A year in, I committed to a daily self-massage practice and for 20 - 40 minutes each day, lovingly massaged myself from head to toe with warm coconut oil that I enhanced with my essential oils and matched with prayerful affirmations.  This single and simple daily effort created compounding nourishing benefits for which I am so grateful.

    Massage & Yoga Therapy

    Rewind a moment back to the initiation of parenting with Jordan.  When I was pregnant, I was also attending the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in New York City.  Upon certification as a Massage Therapist, and in my professional practice in Washington, D.C., I started incorporating pure, therapeutic grade essential oils into my bodywork sessions.  The results were astounding - in my clients, I saw an immediate reduction in inflammation, improvements in respiration and observed the near to immediate activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (Rest & Digest Mode) and the relaxation response.  I also noticed the difference between the standard spa essential oils and the certified pure therapeutic grade oils I was using from my own oil apothecary.  The spa oils seemed to go rancid.  They didn't smell alive.  I could sense additives and cutting agents.  My body resisted them - I couldn't put them on my body and I certainly wouldn't apply them to others.


    The Beat Goes On

    My somatic studies continue and include teaching Anatomy, Kinesiogy and Swedish Massage at the Heritage Institute in Northern Virginia, completing a 2000 hour yoga therapy training - Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, became a 200hrRYT, achieved children's Kundalini Yoga certification and more.  I've had the pleasure of leading essential oils workshops in churches, raw chef and doula trainings, yoga studios and festivals, with couples, pregnant moms and more. My husband and I created Chakra Clarity a music and meditation journey that incorporates sound healing frequency, guided meditation and essential oils to journey you into deep relaxation, clarity and self-healing.  Purchase and download Chakra Clarity here. Whether in the home, working with clients hands on or on the mat, I've seen essential oils deepen awareness, soothe sore muscles, calm a stressed mind, uplift energy and contribute to wellness as a tool contributing to balance and addressing dis-ease.

    Let me help you activate and deepen your journey with essential oils.  

    In 2015, after doing my due diligence on the company, I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.  As a Wellness Advocate I sell their amazing certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and I educate on how to use them safely and effectively.  I never diagnose or prescribe - I only provide evidance based guidance within my own scope of practice and drawing from my 17 year journey with these powerful plant healers.  If you're new to essential oils, visit my Essential Oils Education page to discover what they are and how they can be incorporated into your lifestyle.