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Bhakti Boogie® Yoga Playlist: Activate Your Booty Chakra at the Sounds True Wake Up! Fest

Enjoy this sensual playlist I organized for one of my workshops (twerkshops?) at the recent Sounds True Wake Up! Festival in Estes Park, CO. Included below the player are suggestions to support your dance meditation experience.



Suggestions for your Dance Meditation:

Enter a focused practice by placing attention on your breathe

Pause what you were doing and suspend contemplation of what’s next

Breathe and notice how your body feels in connection to the Earth body

From here, drop into your heart and allow a prayer or intention to arise

Inspire your intention with your attention to breath, body and beat

Find the undulations in your spine and move from the tailbone

Make circles with your hips and let them ripple to your neck

Whenever you “decide” to move, surrender your will

Allow your spirit to move you

Move courageously through your journey

Seal your time with your hands at your heart –

a gesture of Heaven balanced here on Earth


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