Be Sensational! Ritual, Movement & Meditation Immersion with Shakti Sunfire & Jocelyn Gordon

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Body-Centered Coaching | Ritual | Meditation | Ecstatic Dance

Be Sensational!
A Ritual, Movement & Meditation Immersion for Full Bodied Living
with Shakti Sunfire & Jocelyn Gordon

Friday, April 18, 2014, Ubud, Bali
8:30am – 5pm – Day Long Immersion

7:00pm – 9pm – Ecstatic Dance with DJ Kate
(Resident DJ at Shangri La Resort, Maldives)

LocationNaya Retreat Center

Embodiment is conscious habitation of every cell, tissue, organ, muscle, breath and moment.

Embodiment is about being here fully – in this body, in this moment, on this planet, at this time – Now.

Embodiment is the journey inward that connects you to your inner wisdom and gives you permission to feel – To Be Sensational.

Society and especially patriarchically rooted programming, focus on transcendence – seeing the body as mundane with the goal of leaving the constructs of matter behind to merge with the pervasive – Source, Energy, God Spirit.

Jocelyn and Shakti, embodiment educators, leaders in the contemporary hoop dance movement and respected international instructors, practice sensual living and full body engagement as their primary pathways to Source.

Each believe that we are here on this planet to fully experience connection within the physical wisdom of the human body, in relationship with the Earth body. It is through this sensual connection that the practitioner becomes influential – in flow with her essence – and in tune with the needs of the planet. This is how she develops her relationship with compassion (the container that holds all things), experiences true joy and accesses real solutions that uplift herself and her community.

Be Sensational!

In this experiential immersion, you will:

  • Connect with your innate wisdom
  • Experience life as a meditation and prayer
  • Navigate courageously through shifting sensation, emotional fulness and mental movements
  • Experience a Somatic Movement Dive & ThetaHealing Guided Meditation
  • Access the quiet, still point within
  • Learn how to trust the channel that you are
  • Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Naya Retreat Center*
  • Melt restrictions and dance your dreams into waking life
  • Practice embodied living with other conscious movers

*This is a non-residential event.

Immersion Schedule (subject to change):

Morning, 8:30 – 1pm
Arrival with Sage Ritual
Enter the Circle
Elemental Journey
Movement Meditation & Body Dialogue
Coaching Circle

Lunch at Naya (included in Immersion registration), 1 – 2:15pm

Afternoon, 2:30 – 5pm
Somatic Movement Dive
Coaching Circle
Guided ThetaHealing Meditation
Circle Completion

Pre-Registration is Required by April 15, 2014:
Evening, 7:00 – 9pm
Ecstatic Dance & Meditation with Jocelyn, Shakti and DJ Kate, Resident DJ at Shangri-La Resort & Spa in the Maldives

Register Here

Be Sensational! Day Long Immersion, 8:30am – 5pm; 600,000 IDR

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Ecstatic Dance with DJ Kate, 7:00 – 9pm; 100,000 IDR

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Your Guides

©Cadencia PhotographyShakti Sunfire is an internationally celebrated empowerment educator through movement, mysticism, and mindfulness practices. A leader of the international hoopdance movement and a dedicated student of life, she has always pulled inspiration first from the Natural World and counts herself blessed to have the wise council of many teachers in her life. Shakti has been identified as an ’emerging woman in leadership’ by Origin Magazine.

Resized Jocelyn Gordon Bali Dance Headshot CadenceJocelyn Gordon is the Creator of Bhakti Boogie® Yoga ~ Where Dance Is Yoga and HoopYogini™ ~ a transformational fitness practice merging hula hooping with hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. With over 25 years experience as a movement therapist, body-centered coach and dance enthusiast, Jocelyn is passionate about being fully self-expressed and helping women experience liberation from TraumaDrama ~ the stories that hold us back from experiencing our full potential.

KateMKate Matthews hails from the West Coast of Canada. She has been DJing since the age of 18 and held residencies in Vancouver, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur and most recently at Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa in the Maldives. This female DJ is grassroots flower baby meets feminine power glam funk. Kate’s sound is eclectic boho world class. She fearlessly blends world, chillout, soul-funk and afro-inspired beats with deep house, booty bass and french electro funk. Follow DJ Kate here.

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