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Airline & Airfare Resources
Orbitz reportedly offers travel insurance at $100 which will cover any medical costs and changes to your ticket up to 24 hrs of departure.
China Air consistently offers the lowest rates for travel to Bali from the United States.

General Ubud & Bali Travel Links

Wikitravel, Ubud

Visas On Arrival, Airport Tax, Currency, etc

US Passport, Travel to Bali

Rupiah to US Dollar Conversion

Money/Currency Exchange
The Indonesian currency is called Rupiah.

Upon arrival at the airport, we recommend converting $100 (or whatever pocket money you feel you need to be comfortable) to Rupiah. The amount you receive will depend on the exchange rate that day. You can do this via one of the currency exchange kiosks at the airport or through an ATM. I believe you’ll receive a better exchange rate at the ATM.

The ATMs in Ubud will give you an even better exchange rate than those at the airport.

Upon arrival at the Denpasar airport, be prepared to cover the Visa on Arrival fee (cash): US$25

Upon departure from Bali, be prepared to cover the airport tax of 150,000 Rupiah (use the rupiah to dollars link above to convert the rate).

Airport Shuttles
Ananda Resort is available to organize your airport shuttle. Please send us your flight information after you’ve booked your travel and we will organize the shuttle for you through Ananda for a fee of appoximately $25. If you are arriving prior to the start of the retreat, you can arrange to be transported to your arrival accommodation.  We can assist you in renting a moped which can be delivered to your hotel. You can drive the moped to Ananda or arrange for a taxi (very easy to do) to the retreat center.

Pre & Post-Retreat Accommodation Links
These are places that I’ve either stayed, visited or have received references via my associates in Bali. All venues are in or near Ubud.

Wenara Bali Bungalow $30 and up/night
Monkey Forest Street, Ubud 80571, Bali Indonesia (send them an email; they will respond within 24 hours)

Coffee & Copper $45 and up/night
Coffee & Copper is located in the quiet Ubud countryside next to the Holy Monkey Forest and near to the middle of what has become the artistic and cultural center of the island.

Swasti Eco Cottage $66 and up/night
+62361 974079 /
Located in Nyuh Kuning, a small and quiet woodcarving village adjacent to central Ubud, directly across from the famous and exciting ‘Monkey Forest’ omits ‘so'(less than a 5 min walk from the centre of town), it retains the rural like atmosphere so appreciated by visitors in Bali. Thanks to such a prime location, comfortable and peaceful setting, Swasti Eco Cottage is renowned and recommended by visitors from around the world.

General List of Accommodations in Bali
(from the Bali Spirit Festival Website)

Popular Dining in Ubud

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