What People Are Saying

It takes a special teacher and energy to facilitate typically inhibited people into an uninhibited, fearless space to explore themselves – inside and out.
Natasha Hennessy – Owner & Creative Director of Pure Prana Yoga Studio, Alexandria, VA


Jocelyn wins over a crowd instantly with her knowledge and amazing personality. I hired Jocelyn multiple times to teach various healing arts topics to NIH (National Institutes of Health) employees. She first appeared with me for the first NIH Yoga Week in 2008. In the corporate wellness space, you will rarely find such innovative offerings. Ask Jocelyn how to tailor the right event for your group.
Dr. Rachel Levine

During the process of founding HoopFest New England I often found myself at the cross roads between doubt and uncertainty. Jocelyn helped me release myself from feeling bogged down by details and helped me push through negativity towards positive forward momentum.
Maria Randolph, Founder of the HoopFest New England

Jocelyn encouraged me both in my business and personal life to really step into the fullness of who I could be…The experience was more of a guided discovery, where I felt like she led me to speak out things that were already building in me, and gave permission and words to thoughts already in my head.
Aya Iwasaki, Owner of AyaPapaya ~ Feather Creations, Santa Barbara, CA

Not only is Jocelyn a kind and willing listener, she instinctually knows what is going on. Our coaching session gave me more clarity in my everyday life and the strength to trust what my inner voice has been saying all along. Thank you Jocelyn!
Celia Kutcher, Animal Nutritionist, Brooklyn, NY


Bhakti Boogie is one of the most positive and awakening experiences I have had. It navigated me back towards finding my spirit through expression and immersion in rhythm. In a short time I was connecting with the earth and myself in a more focused awareness. A very unforgettable experience if you want to delve into what it truly means to express yourself and awaken the spirit with intention.
Warren M., Santa Barbara

Thank you for creating the opportunity for so many of us to have utterly transformative experiences…it (Hoopnotica Hoop Yoga & Surf Retreat at Bamboo Yoga Play, Costa Rica, November 2011) was like some kind of blissful dream. You’re truly a master of your craft.
Jacqui Becker, Writer & Content Developer, Hoopnotica Inc, New York, NY

Working with you in Bali at the Sacred Circularities (Hoop Dance Retreat 2010) was life transforming and has led me to leave my former life as potter, and listen to my heart and begin another path in life. Still don’t know what..but am sure it will be full of love, light and laughter.
Eileen Lev, Mizpe Yodfat, Hazafon, Israel

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