Birth Your Dream Life Coaching

I Inspire And Bring Life To Things

And So Do YOU!

If you’re like me, you’ve been asking these questions for a long time –
Who am I?  Why am I here? What is my Sacred Mission?

You’ve probably brought many great things to life and you know there is more to come through you.

Is this familiar:

  • You feel inspired however you’re lacking in focus and direction.  Perhaps you’re hovering in the “dream realms” and need a push and support to take things to the next level
  • You’re aware of stories that need to be rewritten or cleared – traumas or fears that keep you in a loop and aren’t serving you as you prepare to birth greatness
  • You occasionally feel disconnected and cut off from the support of the earth, other women and allies or even your own body and intuition
  • You underestimate yourself and often don’t feel worthy of your dreams much less dreaming BIG

I’m here for you sister!

I’m here to help you connect with the essence of what is pulsing to come through you
whether that be a human being, an online course or the desire to live internationally.

I’m here to help you love your body and disregard the voice inside that says “I can’t,” “There’s not enough time” and “I’m not good enough.”

I’m here to help you gain perspective, to see the truth of who you are and
to see life from the “Big Picture” view of unconditional love and grace.

I’m here to help you prioritize self-care, lead from your heart and fulfill your sacred mission.

I am here to help you Birth Your Best Life Into Being!

“Jocelyn is a modern day magic woman. The real deal, as you can tell from her graceful, powerful presence. She doesn’t need to talk about female embodiment — She just IS fully and gracefully in her body, inspiring and transforming all those who come into contact with her.
Work with her, be with her; your life will be forever changed for the better.”

Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Best Selling Author of “An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon“, Australia 

Birth Your Dream Life

You want to feel great in your body and release old patterns of tension and trauma.  You’re ready to meet your divine right partner and you want to prepare your radiance – body, mind and spirit – as you await your union. You want to travel this earth, become a global citizen and proclaim the world as your own.  You want to live from your Edge – alert and relaxed in positive expectation and celebration of your life as it is and of what is to come.  You’re ready to align (or re-align) with your sacred mission, step into sacred leadership and fulfil your sacred path of service.  You want to lead a most authentic and fulfilled life that is a blessing to all of creation. What do you desire?  Share that with me and let’s get you living in your dream. Schedule a free 20 minute Alignment Session. We’ll see if we’re the right fit to work together.

“Thank you so much for your amazing work. Jocelyn your heart centered wisdom has allowed me to become very clear and inspired about ‘what’ and ‘where to next’ with my business. Your encouragment, support and truly wonderful ideas have sparked a vision in me that is growing daily!” Kate Osborne at Whole Woman Wellness with Kate Osborne, New Zealand

Birth Your Dream Project (digital course, teacher training, book)

Allow me to assist you as you remove obstacles to bringing forth your online course, teacher training program, guided meditation series or book.  Having created two dynamic fitness programs, an essential oils education program, one yoga teacher training program, four training manuals and over 30 instructional videos, I can help you “mine” your genius and share it with the world.  I’ve moved through great inspiration, as well as, writers block and I can be your loving coach and cheerleader as you move from the dream realms into focus, direction and manifestation of your great contribution.  Considering this contribution as your “Soul Baby,” I will enroll some techniques from my Conscious Conception Coaching as well as provide Mentorship based on my own experience in the realms of content creation and self publishing.

“For a long time, I had a desire to create a beautiful meditation to go with each of the 3 Daily Habits for a Happy and Strong Mom Mind, but I was in doubt of my ability to do it. When I asked Jocelyn for her support she said yes and I couldn’t be more happy, grateful and satisfied with the result. Not only did she write three amazing scripts out of very few scattered clues on my mind and heart. She also supported me on my journey of trusting and acknowledging my own skills to create in my own. I totally recommend working with Jocelyn.” Adriana Carballo, Law Of Attraction Coach, Creator of Powerful Moms & 3 Daily Habits, Denmark

Birth Your Dream Coaching – $888

9 call hours + email, text & whatsapp support

Most sessions are online and fulfilled via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp

– Includes free initial consultation and 9 hours of coaching.
– Sessions delivered over a maximum of three months – the minimum amount of time needed to clarify, detail and deliver your media.
– Coaching sessions can be accelerated and delivered in less than three months.
– Email checkins, review of your media are included in addition to the  9 coaching hours

A La Carte Sessions are $55 per half hour and $99/hour

My Toolbox Includes:

  • Body-Centered Somatic Practices
  • Movement, Yoga & Expressive Arts Therapies
  • Energy Work & Theta Healing
  • Meditation & Sacred Space Guidance 
  • Self-Care Strategy & “Assignments”
  • Deep Inquiry, Journal Work & Coaching Prompts

My Commitment To You… I will:

Listen, reflect and guide you into greater relationship with your inner wisdom

Provide accessible challenges and manageable benchmarks

Work within my scope of practice and provide outside referrals when necessary 

Be your accountability partner

Help you elicit courage 

so you can