Conscious Conception Coaching

Blessed we are to dance on this ground,

The rhythm of saints to carry the sound.

We hold a prayer for the earth, for the ones yet to come,

May you walk in beauty and remember your song.

Remember why you came here, Remember your life is sacred.

Peia Luzzi

If you have received the call to give birth and you have not yet conceived,
you have an amazing opportunity to prepare for the greatest initiation of your life –
birth and parenthood/guardianship

As your Conscious Conception Coach, I help you listen and in the listening, you may “cross the veil,” connect with the message and energy awaiting to be birthed and to assist your body, mind, energy and emotional systems to increase in vibration and the capacity to receive, hold and peacefully nurture the high frequency love filled, benevolent souls (or creativity “soul babies” – your book, art, household) awaiting to be born.

Our time together will emphasize helping you:

  • Remember who you are
  • Face your fears and acknowledge your own energetic blocks
  • Accept, heal and shift your own birth journey, birth trauma and ancestral stories and patterns

It is time to remove blocks and negative ancestral patterning.
It is time to create greater health and vitality in your own being.
It is time to prepare for a very special relationship with the one(s) to come forward through you.

Allow me to help you welcome, nourish and be guardians of these precious ones.

My Conscious Conception Coaching Offerings

  • Fear Release & Timeline Therapy addressing parental concerns and the emotional imprints of birth and life trauma so you can nourish the optimal inner environment for conception and pregnancy.
  • Parenting & Lifestyle Visioning assisting you and your partner and support team in discussing the “important stuff” such as household management and division of labor, co-parenting dynamics, employment and income generation responsibilities, childcare and education perspectives (and more) so you can co-create a clear postpartum container of support that allows you to relax into and enjoy your pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.
  • Optimal Fertility Detox Coaching providing evidence based support to help you optimize your fertility and healthfully detoxify and nourish during the preconception phase.
  • Preconception Self-Care Strategy providing guidance, suggestions of self-care rituals and self-care planning. An emphasis is on stress reduction, reducing emotional and environmental toxicity, addressing obstacles to self-care, enrolling others to support you in self-care, and co-creating no cost to low cost self-care strategies that nourish you so you can increase your daily joy factor and create a safe space within you to nourish the life coming forth.
  • Soul Communication helping you connect with the message and energy awaiting to be birthed through you so you can establish an inspiring and co-creative relationship and receive guidance on how to best nourish this energy as it moves into form.
  • Meditation & Sacred Space Guidance helping you cultivate Sacred Space – in your home, body, mind and day-to-day life so you can minimize negative mind chatter, address and eliminate doubts, deepen your receptivity and activate your ability to listen to your inner wisdom, the voice of the soul wanting to come forward and to receive guidance from the loving energies supporting this soul reunion and conception.
  • Sacred Sexuality Guidance encouraging meditative, intimate intentional and healing love making with yourself and your partner, inviting in the principles and practices of creating Sacred Space, and cultivating a multi-sensual space focused on love and above.
  • Breast, Abdominal and Womb Massage Education to increase fertility, improve circulation,  activate self-nourishment, encourage healthy elimination (physical and emotional release), address pelvic pain and deepen you to your cycles and healing abilities.
  • Preconception Fitness providing customized hatha yoga, HoopYogini™ and movement meditation flows and breathwork guidance that are therapeutic in nature, encourage healthy range of motion and circulatory flow, deepen your awareness of your fertility cycles and emphasize your natural, innate and timeless ability to easefully create, grow and nurture life.

“how we as humans are brought into the world has a lifelong impact on our psychology and our perceptions and understanding of life.”

All sessions are online and fulfilled via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp

Conscious Conception Journey:  9 call hours + email, text & whatsapp support

– Includes free initial consultation and 9 hours of the offerings listed above
– Sessions delivered over three months – the time needed to create change, establish new habits and track improvements
– Delivery of holistic fitness and guided meditation media – digital downloads of HoopYogini™ instructional videos with PDF for prenatal modifications and Chakra Clarity Music & Meditation
– Email checkins
– Discount on Virtual Doula services

My Experience:  I’ve had amazing soul communications with my two girls – Jordan (my first love, born 17 years ago) and Sienna (my little love lump who is nearing two years amazing) – as well as the child I aborted when I was 18 (intense and true and healed).  I felt Sienna with me for a decade+ and Jordan and I continuously talked about the “baby that was coming” when mommy met her divine right partner, best friend, lover and the father of this being (more on my About page).  My partner and I engaged in a one year preconception preparation journey and holistic detox prior to her conception.  I have been in the birth support community for 20 years providing prenatal massage and yoga, natural induction massage and reflexology, as well as, facilitating and hosting women’s/mother circles which provide spaces for women and moms to connect, process and uplift each other.  I have surrounded myself with powerful peaceful birth and conscious conception ambassadors such as Ibu Robin (Bumi Sehat Foundation), Debra Pascali-Bonaro (Orgasmic Birth) and Kara Maria Ananda (Maia University).


“I met Jocelyn in Bali at the Eat Pray Doula Gentle Birth Training led by my heroines of birth – Ibu Robin Lim and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. I had the pleasure to practice gentle early morning yoga with Jocelyn.  Each morning I would wake up to be with Jocelyn for her gorgeous practice designed for Doulas working with pregnant moms. I was fascinated by the way she moved, the way she encouraged us to self massage our bodies with coconut oil (I was unaware of this ancient Ayurvedic practice at the time) while telling us how important it is to love our bodies and ourselves.”

Maíra D. B. Magalhãe, Certified Birth Doula and yoga Teacher, Brazil Malaysia


When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced

Live your life so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice

Kabir and “Navajo Prayer”, composed by Jody Healy © 2004.