Here’s a little bit about me…

I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing with an emphasis in International Business and French. I graduated with honors from Hampton University and I worked in New York City in Fashion, Music and Marketing. On a regular basis, I spent time with celebrities, styled models and musicians and went to great parties. It was a fantastic time. I was young and in the midst of it “all”. However, I was “in” yet felt like an outsider. I was having fun however I felt insecure and inauthentic.

My lifestyle and access in NYC was not in alignment with the messages I received from Spirit and the profound healing experiences I had as a child. I had to let go and tread another path. It would be one of many times in my life where I would have to shed my skin, surrender and follow the path of my heart – oft times the path led counter to what my family and lineage envisioned for me. However, with every surrender, I’ve landed in my truth and flow in grace.

Over and over again, I’ve had to learn how to listen to my Inner Spirit.

This ability to tune in and listen allowed me to be perceptive of my children – both in the womb and prior to their conception.  I’ve had amazing soul communications with my two girls – Jordan (my first love, born 17 years ago) and Sienna (my little love lump who is nearing two years amazing) – as well as the child I aborted when I was 18 (intense and true and healed).  I felt Sienna with me for a decade+ and Jordan and I continuously talked about the “baby that was coming” when mommy met her divine right partner, best friend, lover and the father of this being (more on that below).

Motherhood takes you on a deep inner dive – activating courage and amplifying love.  So does romantic love and I believe we are all on a journey to reunite with Universal Love, to listen for and remember our purpose and to lead a most authentic and fulfilled life that is a blessing to all of creation.

And this is what I’m here to help you do

Listen – Access your inner wisdom, quiet the voices of self-doubt and fear, and listen to the Divine Spirit that flows through you

Love – Love your body, and know when and how to shed your skin so you can fly in this life

Lead – Align with your sacred mission, step into sacred leadership and fulfil your sacred path of service whether that be as a mother or through your other “soul babies” – a book, inspired project or movement.

Some of my favorite, tried, true and beloved tools:
Body & Spirit Centered Life Coaching

Dance and Conscious Movement

Massage Therapy and Energy Healing

Yoga Therapy and Guided Meditation

Essential Oils and Sacred Anointing

Travel and Activating Serendipity


My degree and certifications include (short list):
Bachelor Of Science – Marketing 

Creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga 

Massage, Theta Healing and Reiki 

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Co-Creator of Chakra Clarity

Life Coaching & Doula Certifications

Optimal Fertility Detox Program (graduating May 2018)

A Spiraling Path

  • Dance is my first love and direct path to Spirit. My formal dance studies began with Ballet, Tap and Jazz at the age of five. I’ve since gone on to choreograph dance and fitness programs and enjoyed three years in NYC studying Pan-African Dance. My favorites - Samba and Haitian Dance.

  • Massage has also been in my life “foreves” and my formal studies began as a child when I watched my grandmother receive Reflexology and I began an apprenticeship in this path of hands on healing.

  • At the age of eight I had a seizure and was diagnosed with Epilepsy - petit mal (small bad) - seizures that happened in my sleep. At the age of 10, I started to fall into a seizure state, became aware of what was happening and in my lucid, theta space, will full innocence and sincerity, said “NO”. That was my last seizure and one of my first initiations to “mind over matter”.

  • At the age of 12 I was inappropriately touched by a friend of the family. I remember a moment where I literally felt my voice float away. Peeling the layers from this/these experiences has been ongoing - there is always something to discover - motivational and inspiring. 

  • In 1997, I took my first yoga class in NYC, the same year that I began studying at The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and began a deep dive and training journey in Pan-African dance.

  • Studied Swedish Massage whilst learning Shiatsu Massage and the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’m so grateful for my amazing teachers and integrative path of studies.

  • I started teaching yoga in 2002. Discovered hula hooping (as an adult!) in 2007. Completed a yoga therapy training that same year.  Developed my dance and yoga journey, Bhakti Boogie® Yoga, in 2008 and in 2011, created my online yoga school and transformational holistic fitness program - HoopYogini™.

  • HoopYogini™ is practiced globally, has over 300 practitioners certified to teach or in the process of completing their certification.  We have teachers in the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and soon to be in New Zealand, Africa, Malaysia and beyond. It is a deep pleasure and honor to be in community with these amazing beings and to be a support as they step into leadership by bring their wisdom to the world.
  • For the longest time I've been drawn to supporting women in their child birthing year(s). Some of my happiest memories are of my Prenatal Yoga classes and time with Prenatal Massage clients.  Once upon a time, whilst living and practicing in Washington, DC, I became known for chemincal free birth induction and supported many women in avoiding inductions and c-sections. 
  • Started leading international retreats in 2010 and have presented at conferences and festivals in eight countries. 

  • Had the pleasure of certifying 100s of students and training Master Trainers as the Director of Teacher Training for a global fitness brand.

  • Was the lead talent in a Gaiam produced hoop dance fitness instructional video with Academy Award winning actress, Maris Tomei.

  • Have been in strong soul communication with my children. Consciously conceived Sienna Joy at the age of 42 after a decade + of feeling her divine soul pulsing me with her presence.
  • Both of my girls were natural births. Jordan's was in a birthing center within a hospital and I was so quiet and meditative that doctors and interns came in to witness this "peaceful birthing mother".  Sienna was born at home, in the water - a lotus birth with low lighting, and songs sung softly to welcome her into the world. She was anointed at birth with frankincense and myrrh essential oils.

  • My postpartum journey after Sienna's birth was intense. I “lost it” at times. Felt empty and at the same time was pulsing with so much inspiration, love and creativity. A committed return to Self-Care has helped me balance my energy, focus my attention and be of greater service to my family, students and community.

  • Created Chakra Clarity guided meditations and CD with my husband. More to come!

  • My core premise is that “transformation can be fun” and you’ll see that reflected in my offerings, trainings and retreats.

Fun Stuff

  • I was made and born in Bermuda and yes, I did survive The Bermuda Triangle
  • I come from a strong line of female leaders - my Grandmother was a mathmatician and Engineer, my mom a corporate executive and now a yoga teacher, my aunt an Emmy winning journalist.
  • I am a nomad! I’ve moved every two to three years of my life having lived in Bermuda, eight states in the US and Bali, Indonesia
  • I’ve had the pleasure of living at the Esalen Institute (Big Sur, CA; 2004) as an Artist In Residency. Returned to Big Sur in 2011 to heal and to write the doctor approved HoopYogini Certification and Teacher Training program.
  • I moved to Bali 4 years ago with my eldest daughter knowing it was time to meet “my person,” life partner and father of our now daughter, Sienna. Two months after our separate arrivals onto the island, we met. He was here walking into love and creating a musical masterpiece 🙂
  • I’m learning how to walk and live “The Path Of Ease.” Bali has initiated me to this way of being - less struggle, more love and trust.
  • I have been known to throw down on the dance floor! Dance is my first love and direct source to Spirit. Conscious movement is prayer in action. (Thank you Mom for getting me into to Ballet classes when I was five.) Oh yeah, the amazing man I referenced above, we met on the dance floor.
  • I love reading, journaling and traveling.
  • I get “downloads” all the time and I love creating guided meditations, workshops, webinars and online classes.
  • I am a visionary and I "see" things. When I tune in, I have a unique gift for seeing your logo, providing your "catch phrase," seeing your book and projects, hearing our heart's sorrows and putting to words your deepest desires.
  • I really, really, really love essential oils. They have been in my life for 18 years. These plant allies are my friends. I’ve witnessed miracles with them. I anoint myself each day and work consciously with the oils to create emotional well-being. I make self-care balms and my husband and I created a guided meditation and sound healing journey enhanced by essential oils - Chakra Clarity.
  • I love essential oils so much that I became a doterra Wellness Advocate two years ago and I now have a team of over 200 inspired global enthusiasts for natural health solutions. Join our team and enter the Prosperity Portal.
  • I hold multiple certifications in Yoga, Massage and Dance Therapies, Life Coaching and Energy Healing. My current path of service - birth and soul Doula. My next path of study just might be Midwifery.
  • I am the mother of two amazing daughters - one a teenager, the other a toddler. Some call this “bookend” parenting. These beings are truly my “first loves”. They guide me into selflessness and have initiated and re-initiated me into the sacred power of being Woman.
  • I am here on earth to help bridge heaven and earth - soul integration and embodied bliss.
Big Love

Professional Bio

Jocelyn Gordon is a mother, dancer, author and yogini traveling around the world with her husband and daughters. She believes that transformation can be fun and has created two holistic fitness programs that combine dance with yoga and mindfulness meditation – HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga. Having studied, trained and taught Dance, Yoga and Massage Therapy, her offerings provide a multi-disciplinary approach making self-care, self-restoration and self-realization accessible, enjoyable and relevant to the modern woman. Jocelyn has been called a Yoga Rebel by Yoga Journal magazine (May 2015) and has been featured in Origin Magazine, Conscious Dancer, GaiamTV, on Dr.Oz and as a lead instructor in the Gaiam produced HoopBody DVD with Academy Award winning actress, Marisa Tomei. She is passionate about birth, conscious conception, feminine leadership and embodied joy. Visit her virtual yoga school – and for online courses, trainings and self-care products that help you birth your best life into being.

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