I believe…

I believe our children are our teachers even before they are born

I believe conception and pregnancy, birth and parenting are sacred and powerful initiations

I believe in reclaiming the birthright of easeful, natural and empowered birth

I believe the postpartum journey should be revered, nourished and protected by family and community

I believe life calls us back into wholeness

I believe in heaven on earth

I believe the energy wishing to come through you will help humanity elevate in love and harmony

I believe these benevolent beings need healthy, elevated and conscious parents to be their guardians

I believe you have the power and ability to address your wounds and fears

I believe you can birth and nourish a heart and soul focused family

I believe in you


“Motherhood takes you on a deep inner dive – activating courage and amplifying love.  So does romantic love and I believe we are all on a journey to reunite with Universal Love, to listen for and remember our purpose and to lead a most authentic and fulfilled life that is a blessing to all of creation.”

Jocelyn Gordon helps women and couples up-level their health and consciousness before conception and during pregnancy.

As a Women’s Health Coach and Doula, Jocelyn’s offerings focus on Pre-Conception Preparation, Joyful Pregnancy, Peaceful Birth and Soulful Parenting, creating a space for clarity that begins 12 months before conception and extends 12 months after birth. Her work and guidance emphasize self-care, fear release, fertility awareness, preconception detoxification, ancestral healing, parenting and lifestyle visioning and co-creative sexuality.

Jocelyn is also the Creatress of two ecstatic embodiment practices that merge yoga with dance, prayer and mindfulness meditation –  Bhakti Boogie® Yoga and HoopYogini™ – the latter having a powerful and inspired team of global instructors.

Jocelyn is the mother to two amazing young ladies – one a teenager and the other a toddler. Her family travels between the US and New Zealand, the home of Jocelyn’s husband. She tours with Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, writes for their blog and has been called a “Yoga Rebel” by Yoga Journal. She has also been featured in Origins Magazine, Conscious Dancer, The Washington Post, FitSugar and more.

  • Mother to two amazing daughters - one a teen and one a toddler (I conceived with ease at age 41) both born peacefully and naturally 

  • Embodiment Coach & Educator with 15+ years experience and training in massage & yoga therapy, life coaching and energy healing plus a Bachelor of Science degree from a private university

  • Peaceful Birth Ambassador since 2008 through prenatal yoga and massage, private coaching, women’s circles, and as a Doula student of Ibu Robin Lim at the Bumi Peace Kitchen and Bumi Sehat Natural Birth Clinic both in Bali, Indonesia

  • Holistic Fitness Expert and the creator of Bhakti Boogie® Yoga and HoopYogini™, transformational practices and teacher trainings merging dance with mindfulness meditation and yoga 

  • Co-Creator of Chakra Clarity, a guided sound meditation journey enhanced with essential oils that promotes deep relaxation and self-healing

  • Transformational Workshop Facilitator since 2014 leading retreats and experiences in Costa Rica, Bali, New Zealand and the U.S.

  • Speaker & Presenter at A-Fest by MindValley, Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, international wellness events and online summits

  • Contributing Educator to Maia University by Kara Maria Ananda, Yoniversity by Kim Morris and Temple Body Arts by Sofiah Thom

  • “Yoga Rebel” as proclaimed by Yoga Journal magazine (May 2015)

  • Lifelong Lover of dance, travel, birth, women’s health and dark chocolate


I’ve had amazing soul communications with my two girls – Jordan (my first love, born almost 18 years ago) and Sienna (my little love lump who is nearing three years amazing) – as well as the child I aborted when I was 18 (intense and true and healed).  I felt Sienna with me for a decade+ and Jordan and I continuously talked about the “baby that was coming” when mommy met her divine right partner, best friend, lover and the father of this being.  My partner and I met in 2014 and soon after, engaged in a one year preconception preparation journey and holistic detox. Despite my “advanced maternal age” at 41, we conceived with ease three months before our intended date.


Sienna came into the world by way of a birthing tub at our then home in Bali, Indonesia. She was surrounded by a circle of support including my husband, our mothers and an inspiring group of birth keepers:  our Midwife – Carly, our Doula – Lindsey Wise and our mutual mentor – Ibu Robin Lim.

The first year following Sienna’s birth was intense. Although the preconception space was intentional and the birth was idylic, I felt like my body, heart and mind had been blasted open. I was simultaneously grounded into the ever present moment providing my newborn with consistent attention and nurturance, and at the same time I was challenged by my blended family’s growing pains. Concurrently, my channel was open and I was receiving powerful insights and transmissions related to conscious conception.

We had called in a high vibration soul. In my soul communications before conception, I was shown that “babies” are ancient wise beings deserving to be seen in mutuality as teachers with their parents as their guardians. It was revealed to me that mothers and their partners need to up-level their health and vitality before conception and during pregnancy in order to minimize postpartum disharmony and to welcome the high frequencies of these new earth children.